Sexy Motorcycle Gear: Battery Tender 10 Bank Charger

Sexy Motorcycle Gear: Battery Tender 10 Bank Charger

Yea, yea. Billy Joel’s 20th Century Cycles has some beautiful bikes on display, but when I saw this baby on the floor there – I knew that it would bubble up a brew of burning lust in a few people!

I give you  the Battery Tender 10 Bank 12v Charger:

10 bank Battery Tender Billy Joel 20th Century Cycles

Needing that charging bank means you’ve probably got a lot of bikes. A lot of bikes is good.

Here at the Chez Galore Garage we aren’t quite that luxurious. We’ve got a long power strip mounted on the wall with Battery Tender Juniors keeping our bikes charged. Not as fancy, but it gets the job done.

Do you keep your bikes on the juice in the garage? What charger do you use? Share your experience with us!

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  1. I have the same BT Junior as you for occasional charges but, since I ride both of my bikes every week, they’re never stored away for very long. I find that riding them regularly avoids many of the mechanical problems buddies experience from winter-storage. Riding regularly also keeps our skills sharp.

    With the cold temps this week, I’ve had to switch to my heavy-duty winter gear and pull my winter-hardship mental attitude down off the shelf. 🙂

  2. Unfortunately, the more bikes you have the more that will inevitably move less due to simple time constraints (and constrained by some which don’t have the charging power to sustain heated gear). We keep all of our bikes on a tender year-round.

  3. I bought my bike new in 2003 and although I don’t ride much (if at all some years) I’ve never used a battery and even after sitting all winter in the garage (somewhat heated) my baby has fired up right away every spring – touch wood. I will admit that here on the coast in NorCal it rarely hits freezing

  4. lol – We seem to have discovered battery tenders this year. Didn’t use anything the first two winters. This year we bought a couple tenders for our bikes. Then we bought a couple more for a little project bike, and our son’s bike. Then we bought some more for the lawnmower, and my mom’s lawnmower…I see no end in sight…Do not let one of these things into your garage! You’ll end up attaching everything with a battery to one.

    Bikes (and lawnmowers) are happily glowing green and content in the garage…the backyard…mom’s shed…

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