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A Sure Sign of the Apocalypse

You know? The unexpected things that cross your path when you’re just bumming around really make a ride enjoyable. Unfortunately, trying to take a picture of one of these signs is a near impossibility...


Seeing Signs – Make Someone Happy

Watching “Signs,” featuring a scene with Mel Gibson’s Graham Hess, sparks a reflection. People either view lucky events as signs and miracles, suggesting a protective presence, or attribute them to mere chance, leaving them feeling alone and fearful. The film prompts the viewer to consider whether life events are mere coincidences or something more. Which perspective resonates with you?


On the Road: My New Favorite Road Sign

Today was a long day in the saddle. I have that tired and windburned feeling you get from riding all day. But, its all worth it because I had a great day. While on...


Heading to Italy: A Crash Course in Traffic Signs

Now that I have my International Driving Permit, I thought I should probably get acquainted with the traffic signs that are used in Italy.  I have been searching the web for a comprehensive listing...