A Sure Sign of the Apocalypse

A Sure Sign of the Apocalypse

You know? The unexpected things that cross your path when you’re just bumming around really make a ride enjoyable.

Unfortunately, trying to take a picture of one of these signs is a near impossibility with your phone. It’s creates all sorts of weird disturbance in the video/photo – but I think you can see it well enough. The whole message read: “Watch for – Heavy Traffic – Snake Hunt Sat/Sun.”

Snake Hunt! A traffic jam causing snake hunt.

In my entire life I have never heard of a town-organized snake hunting event let alone one that would cause a traffic jam. Seriously? That town must be infested. Which is mildly terrifying. Though terrifying and mildly probably don’t mix, do they?

Just goes to show ya, there is always something new to experience. Though hunting snakes is very low on my To Do list.

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  1. The only snake hunt I’ve ever heard of is Springfield’s Whacking Day… Barry White was there, and everyone was two-dimensional and animated, so I don’t think it was real. 😉 😀 😀

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