Modern Snack Bar – Aquebogue, NY

Modern Snack Bar – Aquebogue, NY

Mmmm.. the Modern Snack Bar. Aside from their deliciously kitschy sign, the pie is amazing. Can i get an AMEN for pie?!

Is that not the best sign in town?
So Modern.
So Snack-y.
So Bar-y.

You know, more and more in my ‘old age’ i find that strangers talk more freely to me. Not the crazy people who ask me if its ‘hot in all that leather’ but just, you know, people. People at the next table in a restaurant. People in a store. Those people. Conversational folks. Its nice. I guess i must be losing that ‘Please don’t speak to me’ look i’ve had for so long. I’ve always been pretty shy. I guess I feel less shy, less unsure or judged now.

Yesterday out of the corner of my eye, I kept catching a woman watching me eat my chocolate cream pie. As i got up to leave, she had to stop me and say.. ‘please tell me the pie was worth it.’ It was, lady. It was worth it.

I think maybe it’s time to petition to get pie to be its own food group. Right after we get cheese approved.




3 Replies to “Modern Snack Bar – Aquebogue, NY”

  1. So I’m not the only one who prefers pie to birthday cake on one’s birthday?

    Pie (when done properly) is more exquisite than fliet minon. (IMHO).

  2. great restaurant, home cooking, great service.

    i will definately recommend this restaurant.



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