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Planting Road Trip Ideas for 2017

Planting Road Trip Ideas for 2017

In 2016, I was able to chase down several tickling daydreams that ran loose in my mind. Little did I know when the calendar turned over that not only would I see the Blue Whale of Catoosa in Oklahoma but that I would also find myself in awe at the base of Salvation Mountain in California.

The machinations that are at work in our subconscious are mysterious. You think you’re just trying to survive the commute to work but, no – you’re actually planting idea seeds for a road trip to far away places.

I go through periods of time where the same ideas will return to me many times. They’re signaling that they need attention, I guess. These ideas become regulars at the bar in my mind. “Oh, hey, West Quoddy Head Lighthouse. Good to see you still coming around.” That’s one that keeps bugging me. “Hi Pedro. Cerveza? Haven’t been to South of the Border since I was a kid!” That’s another. Two rather different stops, rather far from one another.

If I had to choose just one of those two places to visit this year, I think that the trip to Maine would win out. I don’t have a concrete reason – just a gut feeling. Part of the daydreaming of visiting a place always has the peripheral stuff you see along the way to get there. I see green in my mind when I think of going to Maine and gray on the way to South of the Border. Abstract perceptions that don’t mean anything. Or do they?

With my whims being as mercurial as they are – who knows? Perhaps I’ll see neither of those two places and will see a million others instead. As long as I visit the state of bliss, it’s all good.


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Napoleon Fruit Soup, A Ghost Ad and Morning on a Motorcycle

Napoleon Fruit Soup, A Ghost Ad and Morning on a Motorcycle

When I left my hotel in Napoleon, Ohio headed east towards home I didn’t really have much of a plan other than go towards where the sun was coming up. I picked up US 6 because it was familiar. Actually, I could follow it almost all the way home if I’d wanted to.

With a quick u-turn to get a better look at a ghost ad I spotted in an alley, I parked on the main drag in Napoleon. A Gold Medal Flour and 7-Up two-fer!

While there, some creeps watched me take pictures.

Before riding away, I pulled up a listing of Roadside America favorites on my GPS to see if there was anything interesting nearby. Huh, a giant can of soup

And so it was I found myself on the side of the road watching a huge can of tomato soup basking in a glorious sunrise. Life is nothing if not mysterious.

Since a tomato is technically a fruit, the big soup can seemed perfect for today:

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On the Front Lines with the Giant Chicken Army

On the Front Lines with the Giant Chicken Army

For someone who never goes anywhere and never does anything, I managed to go a few places and do a few things on my motorcycle in 2015. In those travels, I saw firsthand some of the amassing giant chicken army.

Nescopeck, PA:

Charleroi, PA – The greatest parking space in the world:

Hopwood, PA:

Frankdford, DE:

Painter, VA:

Cave City, KY:

Cave City, KY:

Man down in Holbrook, NY. A sad state of affairs:

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And THAT is Why They’re Called Sub Sandwiches!

And THAT is Why They’re Called Sub Sandwiches!

The crazy temperature and weather-swings we’ve been having here on Long Island can make you stop and wonder how the Earth doesn’t just split in half or something. When I woke up on Sunday morning, it was -2°F. On Tuesday, it was 55° and raining. That’s a pretty wide arc.

With things being what they are, my motorcycle riding has come to a standstill and so too, apparently, has my thinking. That beautiful brightness of thoughts and ideas that comes when my wheels are in motion has fizzled to little more than the flickering ‘O’ on a seedy motel sign. ….:::zzzt:::…:::zzzt:::…..

If my mind were a photograph, this would probably be a good representation. The thoughts are there but they are widely spaced out and all the same shape.

Unfortunately, the people who love me are forced to take care of me and my feeble mind. How they manage to pull it off with such style and grace is beyond me. Further proof that I just might be the luckiest girl in the world.

“You know what I just realized?”

::scared look:: “No? Whaaaaat?”

“Sub sandwiches are probably called that… BECAUSE THE ROLL LOOKS LIKE A SUBMARINE! Did you know that?!!??!?”

And with that pearl of wisdom, I dropped the mic and looked triumphantly at my daughter who slowly blinked at me from the comfort of her giant hand-chair.

“Are you serious right now? “

I stole this picture from my friend Ed

She knew.

Did you know?

Because I don’t know how I could have possibly moved through the world for over 40 years without this thought ever occurring to me. This is what happens when I stay inside for too long.



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Show Me the Donuts!

Show Me the Donuts!

Nine times out of 10, when I see pictures of food in ride reports it looks terribly unappealing. Unless there is a fingernail in it, you won’t usually catch me taking photos of my food, either. But… I will sometimes make an exception for those round wheels of cakey-lovin’ – the donut.

Since I didn’t eat dinner last night, you’ll have to suffer through an old photo of when I brought a half-dozen donuts home from Kane’s in Saugus, Massachusetts. Will ride for donuts!

Maybe not edible, but surely the big Maple Donuts donut is worth a look, too. I stopped at this rooftop model in York, PA while driving out to Cleveland.

The one on the wall at the OTHER York, PA. Maple Donuts was kinda nifty as well. And no, it wasn’t me that took a chomp out of it.

But the rooftop donut at Randy’s in Inglewood, Ca.? Well, that was my holy grail of rooftop donuts. I wanted to see that one for a long time. We stopped there after flying in to LAX in May 2015. It was worth the trip – their donuts were delicious.

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