Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Say, “hello,” to my ride for the next few days. She’s a sister to my FZ07 back home.

This MT is a nice girl. She hasn’t had someone give her all the bells and whistles. That’s okay, nice girls are still fun.

My FZ feels and sounds like a brat in comparison.

This bone stock bike immediately showed its cards as being “easy.” Everything about it feels effortlessly soft. And it is so quiet, with my earplugs in I can barely hear that it’s running.

The Akrapovic can on my bike at home is so loud and sounds so yum-yum. I’ll admit I miss that familiar racket.

Riding along in the sunshine yesterday, this quiet, unassuming little lady felt zippy, small and fun. It’s such a great platform for an everyday rider.

Throwing my Kreiga 30 on the rear seat I can carry enough stuff to bum around for a pretty long while.

All in all, having this bike is a nice dose of familiarity. Plus, it’s at the bottom of the rental cost tier: $49 a day. A great deal.

Look at me, makin’ good choices!

It’s January 29, 2020. I’ve swiped this post from Instagram, where I originally made it. For this trip I’m on, I’ve only got my phone with me so my posts might be lacking some polish!

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