If You Need Me, I’m Out To Lunch

If You Need Me, I’m Out To Lunch

“Where are you riding to today?”

“I don’t know exactly. Just around.”

The summation of my life. I move around with vague ideas of where I think I’m going but often end up distracted or rerouted. Or, I may wind up where I thought I would but I followed a convoluted path to get there. Detours are unknowable. Sometimes they help, sometimes they hurt and you won’t know which scenario you’ve got until you reach the end of the road.

I suppose the only thing you can do is keep on ridin’.

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  1. Whenever I went out for a ride without at least a general destination I always came back sooner than I wanted to. After a while I would spend a lot of time planning the next days ride even if was only 200 miles or so. I might head to Valley Forge and end up someplace else but it was important to be heading somewhere in my head. Of course I have too much free time which believe it or not can be a problem. Awesome diner!

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