Ride Photos: Recently Spotted Nifty Cars and Trucks

There are some themes or subject matter that will make me pull over to snap a photo as if I’m caught in a tractor beam. Interesting cars happen to be one of those them. Art cars, rat rods, and old pickups especially. These are some of the notable odds and ends I’ve seen in my travels over the last few weeks.

This old tow truck from Watsontown, Pennsylvania was like a magnet. I could not resist stopping for a look-see. My everyday driver is a sensible 4-door sedan but my daydreams are peppered with romantic notions of driving such a thing.

The other night while I was out looking at a 30-foot duck, I just happened to pass this ole Chevy Suburban in Flanders, NY.

I posted about this Willys Wagon before but it was too good not to include it in such good company.

This blue babe was parked outside a local tattoo shop:

While my friend Joe and I were bumming around in West Virginia, I made him pull over in the pouring rain so that I could snap a pic of this cool Rat Bug. Doesn’t that look fun?

This truck has a For Sale sign on. Luckily for Kenny, I’m not that impulsive. Handsome, isn’t it?


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2 Responses

  1. Bob B says:

    Anybody can go to a car/truck show and take “posed” photos. Thanks for sharing your keen eye.

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