Daydream Voodoo and Recurring Thoughts

Daydream Voodoo and Recurring Thoughts

For the past few months, I’ve been trying to listen to the themes that play on repeat in my imaginings. Maybe I’ll be sipping my coffee staring out the window and an idea will dance across my mind. The central plot is always the same – me in a place with my motorcycle. Sometimes these thoughts are specific. Others are mere wisps –  like a dream which you can’t remember the details of, but you can’t escape the feeling.

My hope in writing these down is that I will subconsciously work toward putting them in motion – like some kind of daydream voodoo.

Recurring Thoughts and Daydreams

  • Riding to Pike’s Peak in Colorado
  • Taking a two-week trip on the Bonneville
  • Riding to Nova Scotia
  • Seeing icebergs in Newfoundland
  • Slowly cruising through small Midwestern towns
  • Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Art Museum – San Antonio, Texas
  • Riding along next to endless fields
  • Camping under the stars
  • Visiting the SPAM Museum
  • Riding into the sunset
  • Pieces and parts of smalltown America that haven’t succumbed to “progress”


3 Replies to “Daydream Voodoo and Recurring Thoughts”

  1. Great list! I have done most of the things on your list (Yes, I am appropriately grateful!), but as a frequent visitor to San Antonio, I must see the toilet seat art when we go back there in April.

  2. Fine list. Especially seeing icebergs in Newfoundland. Hear the roads there are terrible for riding.

    I’ve not considered much the musing of my imagination. Thinking about it now I’m not sure I would want to share a lot of that mess. Something to think about. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Love this. I’ve done a few of these adventures (e.g., Nova Scotia; camping; endless fields; sunset); they whet one’s appetite for more. Simple pleasures can be profoundly satisfying.

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