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I would’ve written sooner, but it’s been so long since I’ve used my laptop, I actually forgot my password for it. True story.

After finally resetting Macbook password, I was informed that doing so meant any logins stored in my keychain were now lost to the ether. And then I had to wrack my brain on how to log in everywhere or reset everything. Annoying. I thought that my computer was supposed to do the thinking for me.

Over the last week, I’ve had a handful of people check to see if I was still alive or if I’d succumbed to a final brain scrambling and shuffled off this mortal coil with a pathetic, sputtering, fizzle. Well? I’m still here with my brain mostly intact. (Please, hold your applause.)

The reasons I’ve been digitally quiet are dull. If I were smart, I would tell you its because I’ve taken up shark wrestling or ill-tempered badger grooming but,… no. Mostly it is because I changed my career path a bit in October, going from working on highly independent projects to being part of a team. That means talking with and emailing people all. fucking. day.

Now, that might sound like a nothing thing. But, I’m not really a team sorta girl. By the time I get home each day I don’t want to speak to anyone – no phone, no email, no social media, no hanging out. I just want quiet and to stop cramming my head full of information. Same with the weekends. It is my time to recharge and that means – quiet and selfish pursuits. So, I’ve pretty much withdrawn to my secret lair where I’m hatching plans for world domination in silence.

I kid, of course. World domination requires talking to lots of people. After two minutes of handwringing and twirling my mustache with dastardly flair, I switched my focus over to where I might ride my motorcycle this year and never looked back.

So that’s what I’m up to. Nothing. And right now, that’s how I want it. Punxatawny Phil says we’re in for six more weeks of winter and everything is a sheet of ice here on the Isle of Long. So, I suspect I’ll be doing nothing for a little while longer.




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10 Responses

  1. Kathy says:

    Wow. That’s a huge change. Thanks for checking in!

  2. Colleen says:

    Happy to hear you are doing okay, not surprised about the %#¥@$ computer passwords…gets me every time I’m sure your ride planning will lead to some inspiring stories!

  3. Ted Kettler says:

    I understand completely. Life gets in the way and you can blame the Evil Clown.
    As you have discovered, long working for yourself is glorious and has afforded you many of life’s pleasures albeit a low cash flow. Then, said Evil Clown (known as Corporate America) starts flashing all these sparkly coins in your direction and you take the bait. Only to realize later that it was a vile trap the whole time. If you continue dealings with the Evil Clown, eventually each day you will release a long and sad labored sigh around 2:30 in the afternoon. Soon you will find that someone has put a cuff and chain around your ankle that is attached to a desk which only allows you trips to the bathroom and get coffee. It will release you each day around 5 p.m. but it puts some hypnotic drone with visions of shiny coins in your head that makes you return the following day. I discovered about 15 years ago that the Evil Clown uses a machine called the Lifesuck 3000. You are experiencing what the Lifesuck 3000 is intended to do; suck the life out of you. I give you exhibit A:
    I’ve tried to break its spell for 30 years and as I am told by those that have, the only way to you will succeed at breaking its hold on you is to either; A. Retire, B. Die, C. Advance, D. Run. Options A and D are your only hope.
    I will be taking option A in two years. In the meantime, I have abandoned any blog I have started, I realized I don’t have it in me thanks to the Lifesuck 3000. My podcast continues and I am making an attempt at motovlogging, but since I live in Jersey, I too am trapped in the throws of Old Man Winter and there isn’t much motovlogging happening at the moment.
    I suspect Old Man Winter and the Evil Clown have an accord. Well played Evil Clown, well played.

    • Shybiker says:

      Love this comment, but 5 pm?! My life suck demands longer hours. Nice coincidence that we’re both choosing Option A in two years. That prospect is the only thing that gets me going these days. 🙂

    • Fuzzygalore says:

      No one likes clowns 🙁

      I still work for the same company, just trying something new. I took it on like a personal challenge to expand my horizons. And i have done that. Every day i learn something new, which is good. But the contact can be overwhelming.

      in time, i suspect that like anything else you learn to relax and find ways to be efficient. I think part of my stress was that I didn’t know how to do everything all at once and i have to learn everything all at once. when youre building on an existing foundation and augmenting what you already know, the information intake isn’t as intense.

      but, i can already see a difference in my feelings about the job. things are becoming natural, second nature – the struggle is diminishing.

      i’ll be slacking in no time 😉

      one more skill in my back pocket.

  4. Mike Ross says:

    To not be a people person in a world full of people is almost as hard as doing nothing when its the last thing you really want to do.

  5. Doing nothing, especially in silence, is a noble pursuit. Follow your dream. The rest of us, (needy fans) can wait.

  6. Shybiker says:

    Whew! We were worried. But much personal growth occurs in solitude — and I’ve learned you’re a growing gal. The work explanation flies; you’ll adapt to the new demands, even if you don’t enjoy them. I suspect after germinating offline for a while, you’ll burst back with ferocious energy soon. Spring lends itself to such re-birth.

  7. Nick Schmidt says:

    Nothing wrong with a career path change. Keep riding on =)

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