Friday Check-in: Doing Battle With Want to Versus Need To

The long Labor Day weekend is here. Here in the northeast, this marks the summer’s last hurrah. Beachy towns say goodbye to the summer rentals, locals have “their towns” back and the kids trudge off to school.

That last part always gets to me. I’ve personally known some moms who all but high-five each other and celebrate that their kids will be getting out of their hair. I’ve never felt that. Instead, I usually feel bummed out that they have to get back to work. The freedom of childhood is so fleeting. What’s the hurry?

Perhaps my feelings on the back-to-school matter all stem from me being a reluctant adult. There are days when I say out loud that “I don’t feel like being a grown-up.” When I say that, it usually means I’m engrossed in performing some act of must-do drudgery that involves a car and or money – when all I really want to be doing something else entirely. That something else may also involve a car and or money, but it is a thing of my choosing. That probably makes all the difference. Want to do versus have to do.

I probably sound like a grouch. Maybe because I’m typing this in the dark hours before work – a place I have to go today when I would rather be trying to get more sleep instead.




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  1. Ted Kettler says:

    I’d rather be _________.
    The motto of my un-retired life. 1097 days until I fill in that blank for good. I don’t mind being an adult, I mind the daily drudgery of employment. While I enjoy the money and all it enables me to do. I don’t care for how I have to get said money or where I have to go to get it. THAT, is what sucks about adulthood.

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