A Saturday Ride Along the Hudson

On Saturday, I was squired about town by a handsome gent named Kenny. You may remember him from such hits as “Serendipity is a Giant Rocking Chair“, “Life is All Mail Pouch Barns and Rainbows” and of course, “Two KTMs and the Grand Canyon.” He also happens to be my (very patient) husband.

The two of us heading out for a day ride is pretty rare anymore. He’s very much a dirt rider whereas my heart still belongs to the street and traveling. It was good to have him along with me. It felt like olden tymes.

Once on the west side of the Hudson River, we stopped off at the 9W Filling Station Cafe for breakfast. It’s a hotbed of activity with cyclists and motorcyclists alike.

It is also suggested, though the artist never definitively said, that it was in part the inspiration for Edward Hopper’s “Gas.” He was a native of the town of Nyack, not far north.

After breakfast, we continued north and rode through Harriman State Park and on through a minefield.

We made a pit stop along route 218 to take in the view of the Hudson.

Kenny quietly wonders: which would be more painful? Plummeting in to the jagged rocks below -or- a lifetime of listening to me singing out loud with my headphones on? Decisions, decisions. 😉

And then he turned himself in to a tiny little man and stood on my motorcycle. (File under: Little Sweet.)

Love. This stuff is everywhere.


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6 Responses

  1. Bob B says:

    I grew up in Putnam County, NY and these are my old stomping grounds. I highly recommend the Bear Mountain Parkway from the Bear Mountain Bridge down to Annsvile Circle and back.
    Thanks for the memories. Bob

    • Fuzzygalore says:

      Used to monkey around in that traffic circle all the time in the late 90s. Lots of knee down shenanigans 😀

      I grew up in Rockland – they were my old stomping grounds too 🙂 The ride was like a trip down memory lane.

  2. Kathy says:

    The tiny little man photo and your comment made me laugh out loud. I’m glad you both got a chance to ride again.

  3. Sal Paradise says:

    Stumbled onto your blog. Cool. I ride a T100 and have worked at Bear Mt State par for the past 20 years. I assume you guys know Arden Valley Rd and Rt 106. That 9W Cafe place amazes me – lots of good food, a bit expensive but great atmosphere.

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