Elvis, Trikes and Pink Bunny Suits

Elvis, Trikes and Pink Bunny Suits

Dear Diary,

It’s me, Fuzzy. I know it’s been ages since I’ve last written and so much has happened since then. In case you’re wondering, I still wear my retainer to bed every night. And I still have a crush on that cute blonde guy. I think he likes me, too.

All through December I’ve been busy flittering here and there. Some of it has been motorcycle-y, some not so much. But, I am on vacation until the New Year so I feel like I can finally catch my breath. I’ve got some posts in the hopper that’ll finally get published. 

December crept in with me taking a road trip (in my car) to Cleveland, Ohio to run in the Christmas Story House 10K. My sweet mom bought me a pink nightmare bunny suit like the one Ralphie got from Aunt Clara in the movie. Any of my mental problems are obviously hereditary.

While we were in town, we visited the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Elvis’ SuperTrike was on display on the lower level.

Elvis SuperTrike

When I first spotted it around the corner I was all…‘omg, wtf.’ But the more I looked at it, the more I took in its absurdity… the more I liked it. It’s weird, no doubt. But it has a totally kitsch, bassboat, starship Enterprise vibe that is hard to resist.

I think I might have a little thing for Elvis, though. I may or may not have been married at the Graceland Wedding Chapel in Vegas by accident when I was younger. It’s all blurry now.

Pro Tip: If you get married in Vegas, you’re married everywhere. When THAT shit happens in Vegas, it does NOT stay in Vegas.

I’ll leave you with this awesomeness…

Photo from: ElvisBlog.net

What do you think? Is the Super Trike cool or… what?

6 Replies to “Elvis, Trikes and Pink Bunny Suits”

  1. The bunny suit is way over the top but you pull the look off.

    The trike looks like one of the VW powered ones. I remember them back in the day. I thought they were kind of cool back then.

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