Motorcyclist Holiday Gift Idea: Antihero Art – Signed Prints

Motorcyclist Holiday Gift Idea: Antihero Art – Signed Prints

Each year I read posts in which online retailers and moto magazines list off a bunch of (the same old) holiday gift ideas that every motorcyclist needs. And every year I read posts about how we should be shopping local and supporting small businesses and the little guy. Well? Here’s your chance to do the latter.

My friend Dennis is a rider, writer, painter and globetrotter. I’m sure you remember him from such memorable hits as “Coast to Coast (and back?) with an Italian Supermodel” and “‘Round the World with an Italian Supermodel.” He happens to sells high-quality, signed giclee prints of some of his original paintings.

Pretty awesome work, right? This is like a match made in heaven. He makes prints… you need a gift for a motorcycle-lover (who may in fact be yourself)…  see what I’m getting at here?

To see more and buy prints:

*disclaimer: I’m not a paid advertiser, I don’t get anything for free. Dennis doesn’t read my blog or know anything about this post. Just trying to help a friend out, support a small business and put beautiful motorcycle artwork on your walls in the process. Do it!

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