Oh Deer – Dirt Roads and Deposit

Oh Deer – Dirt Roads and Deposit

After visiting the Starrucca Viaduct I bummed around the backroads, not straying very far. I had to watch my odometer. In an act of luminescent brilliance I left my wallet back in the RV. Since I had a $5 bill in my tankbag, I knew I could ride as far as requiring no more than $5 in gas to get back to Hancock. Thankfully, there was a lot of great “nothing” to see in a small radius.

While I was clipping along I had a close encounter with a deer. It was so close I could see the fuzz on its antlers. I suppose I just didn’t pick up on it fast enough. By the time my brain registered that it was there, the deer took a few strides next to me then darted across the road in front of me and was gone.

The GoPro caught it on the side of the road (upper left) though I didn’t until I was nearly next to it. One glance away from forward, maybe into the mirror and your whole day can change. Gotta keep those eyes scanning.

“Hello. I can’t see deer.”

Passing through the town of Deposit, New York I couldn’t help but wonder how it is such places manage to hang on economically. But I also know that their way of life is a secret to the visitor who is just passing through. They find a way to make it work.

Something about the nostalgic patina of such places tugs at my heart. All of the shop fronts, alleyways, little town parks are like pieces of a puzzle.

The vitrolite tiled State Theater in Deposit, New York was built in 1937 and is still showing current features. In hindsight, I’m sorry that I didn’t cruise through town in the evening when the marquee was lit.

The sign welcoming me back to The Empire State featured a special and very important bit of advice:

Words to live by.

6 Replies to “Oh Deer – Dirt Roads and Deposit”

  1. The deer that took me out in January, and paid with its’ life, was about 70 lbs, and the size of my dog. It was dark, and I felt it more than saw it. It’s also important to keep in mind that where there’s one, there are likely to be several. A friend slowed to avoid one Bambi, only to have another glance off the front of his ‘Wing, leaving a bit of fur behind. The weight of his bike probably kept him upright, cuz he had no time to react.

  2. Hmm, it sounds to me like you’ve got a reason to visit Deposit, NY after dark. (Put it on the list, right?)

    What I don’t understand about that sticker: Is it telling passers-by, “try not to be a dick”, or is it telling New York’s governor, “try not to be a dick”? Do you have Fuzzy insight on this matter? 😀

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