A Slow Start to a Saturday Ride

A Slow Start to a Saturday Ride

On Friday night, I fell asleep before 9pm. It was probably a combination of things that knocked me out. I was up before the sun, I spent the afternoon riding in the oppressive heat and humidity, and add the mental relaxation of not having any real responsibilities in to the mix and I was out like a light.

When I came to on Saturday morning and tugged at the window shade, there was no happy blue sky smiling back at me. Soon came the sound of rain funneling off of the canopies and pounding on the roof.

Since I wasn’t riding the Hancock Quarry Run, I didn’t have to hurry up and do anything. Instead, I just lazily lingered in bed with Lilo and listened to the field come alive around me. The rain was sure to add an extra level of difficulty for all the riders who were preparing to head out. I was glad I wasn’t one of them.

“I think we should just hang out here in the air conditioning, dude. Do some snugglin’. Maybe eat some chips. Look out the window…”

All of the event riders were long gone before I got myself dressed to head out for a ride. The rain was little more than a memory and the heat began to rise. The unknown was calling my name.

Away we go.

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