10 Replies to “Suffering From PMS? Motorcycles Can Help”

  1. Cool picture, and I don’t mean the snow.

    I was wondering how much snow you got in the big storm. Are you sore from shoveling yet, or just have an itchy throttle hand?

  2. From your pacing, you’ve worn a very nice path that the dog is taking advantage of. You may need to start to widen your path if you want to get the Ural out…

  3. The snow is sometimes a good thing for anyone who has maintenance to catch up on. Of course it does make me lazy with my maintenance, if it was warm out I probably would have finished already!

  4. For those who aren’t up to riding in the Winter (no judgment), one way to avoid understandable depression is to operate a fun vehicle with four wheels. I never thought I’d love a car, but my 2013 Fiat Abarth is amazeballs. (That’s a technical term we fashion-bloggers use.)

    My Abarth is peppy, cute and handles better than a car should. Plus, I get stopped almost every day by people wanting to compliment it. Last night, an old man told me a lengthy tale about the 1968 Fiat 800 he had with custom Abarth parts.

    Yes, I’m conscious this is a motorcycle blog so I won’t prattle on any more about a cage, but there is a connection — Carlo Abarth (for whom my car is named) was a motorcycle racer before he started making little Fiats go faster. Even cooler, related to you Fuzzy, Carlo once famously raced a train with his sidecar bike and won!


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