Out of the Mouths of Babes – Just a Girl

Out of the Mouths of Babes – Just a Girl

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On my way back to the ferry from Mount Equinox in Vermont, I stopped at a Cumberland Farms gas station/convenience store in North Adams, Massachusetts to gas up. While I stood in the parking lot having a drink, I heard a young boy repeating a sing-songy chant of “pop a wheelie, pop a wheelie” as he walked across the parking lot. He was all of 12, maybe 13 years old.

I guess I don’t cut the most lady-like figure standing next to my bike, baseball cap on, staring down at my phone rested on the seat. When I looked up at the boy and his two friends walking across the lot he said…

“Oh, never mind. It’s just a girl.”

::shakes fist::


9 Replies to “Out of the Mouths of Babes – Just a Girl”

  1. ::shakes fist::….at not being able to loft the front and shut them up? 😉

    The Fuzz Horn Mono… =)

  2. That’s funny.

    Could have worse — at least it wasn’t, “It’s just some old lady…”.

    Kids have an odd perspective on age.

    And if you weren’t going to pop a wheelie at least you could have out of common decency done a burnout of the rear tire.

    1. Ugh – the old lady thing is a killer! I still look for my mom when someone calls me “ma’am” or a parent says something like “watch out for the nice lady” to their toddler.

  3. The one time you could have burnout-in-someone’s-face-and-transition-to-wheelie-outta-there and it would’ve been for good reason.

  4. Sad that the young man can be such a little di#kwad at such a young age…but Steve had a good point, cooler to be called a girl than an old lady. 😀

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