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Out of the Mouths of Babes – Just a Girl

Out of the Mouths of Babes – Just a Girl

fuzzygalore triumph tiger 1050

On my way back to the ferry from Mount Equinox in Vermont, I stopped at a Cumberland Farms gas station/convenience store in North Adams, Massachusetts to gas up. While I stood in the parking lot having a drink, I heard a young boy repeating a sing-songy chant of “pop a wheelie, pop a wheelie” as he walked across the parking lot. He was all of 12, maybe 13 years old.

I guess I don’t cut the most lady-like figure standing next to my bike, baseball cap on, staring down at my phone rested on the seat. When I looked up at the boy and his two friends walking across the lot he said…

“Oh, never mind. It’s just a girl.”

::shakes fist::


The American Motorcycle Girls 1900 to 1950

The American Motorcycle Girls 1900 to 1950

For my birthday this year, I received the most fabulous book from my equally fabulous friend Ally. Check this out:

fuzzygalore the american motorcycle girls book birthday present

The American Motorcycle Girls 1900 to 1950
A photographic history of early women motorcyclists
by Cristine Sommer Simmons.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, sweet Ally. You are a doll.

Perusing through the photographs in the 200+ pages of this book really sets my imagination on fire. We can pat ourselves on the back for being brave new generation of women motorcyclists but we need to respect our history.  A proper curtsy is due to the ladies who paved the way for us back to the genesis of the sport.

This is a wonderful book.


Badass Motorcycle Broads: Ultimate Coast to Coast Kate

Badass Motorcycle Broads: Ultimate Coast to Coast Kate

Kate is another entry in the kickass motorcycle chick department. In the 3 years that she’s been riding a motorcycle she’s gone ahead and put herself in the Iron Butt record books with an Ultimate Coast to Coast to Coast Insanity.


Ultimate Coast to Coast to Coast Insanity? What the hell is that?

It is a documented trip from Key West, Florida to Deadhorse, Alaska (Prudhoe Bay) and then back to Key West, Florida in 30 days or less. Sounds simple, right? Riiiiiight 😆

Well, Kate is now the proud owner of the record of being the first solo woman to complete that documented ride for the IBA. Ride on, Kate!

You can read about her trip in the February 2015 issue of Rider Magazine.

Time Moves Slowly for Women in Motorcycle Media

Time Moves Slowly for Women in Motorcycle Media

There’s nothing groundbreaking here in this “women in motorcycling” post. Sometimes I just have to bleed a little steam so that I don’t explode.

fuzzygalore on albulapass

Each day I read all sorts of blogs, mailing lists, Twitter feeds, magazines about motorcycling and the life that surrounds it. Sometimes I feel bummed out that the most popular women-centric motorcycle media has a central theme of women being hot first and loving motorcycle life second.

I’m not naïve, I get it. That’s how you make the eyeballs come. But I’m over it. I’m not 25 and I can’t take in this type of information with a pinup-vibe anymore and do anything constructive with it. These brands, these personalities, these photographs – they aren’t talking to me. I’m not their audience and the truth is… I know that doesn’t matter to them. Simmer down, old lady! I’m so hungry for something with more depth and feeling, a connection to people and the world.

Are women our own worst enemies?  Are we just blindly getting on board and perpetuating this?

There is better inspiration to be found out there. Girls, please show us who you are beyond that you’ve won the genetic lottery. Be something, do something, inspire the gravity-ravaged middle aged broads like me. Yes, I’m going gray but damn it to hell, I will never be too old to say I want to see that, try that, DO THAT! Beauty is fleeting. Curiosity, adventure, daring, reverence and deep appreciation aren’t. BE amazing.

Don’t get me wrong – there are women riders that I follow who are doing wonderful things. They’re exploring the world, writing books and being fierce lionesses leading by example. While they may in fact be physically beautiful, that isn’t the most important part of their message. I admire and appreciate them deeply. Now, I don’t know if it is their own choosing, the fact that they’re too busy being magnificent to build an online “brand” or just that the marketplace isn’t looking for a lady encased in textiles to champion – but these inspiring women aren’t being showcased like chicks in hot pants are.

I’m hoping that more women out there want something more and would be willing to give something more. Maybe more of these amazing and adventurous women will start to squeeze out some of the cheesecake.

Things are changing. But the wheels of time move slowly.

Badass Woman Motorcycle Blogger: Sturgis Chick on the Road in South America

Badass Woman Motorcycle Blogger: Sturgis Chick on the Road in South America

Another lady in the Badass Motorcycle Broad department is Michelle also known as Sturgis Chick. She’s currently elbow deep in galavanting around South America on her motorcycle. She’s been on the road for over a year and a half now.

I love reading about women out there doing something more than being a decorative hood ornament. Ride on, Michelle!

Reading her latest post on the Bolivian Death Road and her take on it struck me as beautifully honest. The Bolivian Death Road is one of those mountain stretches you see on every famous “road list.” Does the myth marry up to reality these days? You’ll have to read her post to find out. And make sure you click the images in her post to enlarge ’em:

sturgis chick

The Death Road in Bolivia

There are a handful of “famous” roads that most motorcyclists know about and/or dream of riding someday. The Death Road is nearly always fairly high on the list of most riders.

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