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You know, it’s funny keeping a blog. If you’ve never kept one yourself, on the surface you might think that the relationship is one way. You write your thoughts down, you post your photos and you give something to the world. One way, right?

But really –  it isn’t. What you get back from the people who engage with you gives you so much in return. I wish I could tell you how many times I’ve read a comment only to have it rattle around in my brain for days with me thinking about the hows and whys of what was posted. Sometimes a reader writes their own mini-blog in the form of a comment.

I’ll be the first to admit I have no clue what really makes a blog popular. I haven’t the slightest idea what makes a blog “work.” Is it the alignment of the stars? A matter of timing? Relentless promotion? Yes, I know some people are better writers or photographers than others but even that isn’t solely it.

I guess we gravitate to some people because they are more relatable than others. It seems like if you just do what you do authentically, someone will hear your tiny voice out there in the darkness and say hello.

One of the voices that came to say hello here some time ago is Ry. With his witty, well thought out and heartfelt comments he always gets me thinking. Wouldn’t you know he’s taken the leap and finally began to post his own thoughts on blog paper?

Two Wheels to There

Just last week I received a fantastic blog calling card in my mailbox introducing his new home on the web:


It would be awesome if you’d swing over and read about his journeys. When you first begin your foray into the blogdom, it is such a great treat to hear from likeminded folks.

Welcome to the motoblogosphere, Ry. What took you so long? 😉



Rachael is the whimsical writer behind the 20+ year old Girlie Motorcycle Blog. As a freelance blogger, she is on a mission to inspire laughter, self-examination, curiosity, and human connection. Girlie Motorcycle Blog can be found on several Best Motorcycle Blog lists.

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7 Responses

  1. I always enjoy seeing new blogs appear. They remind me of my own beginnings and what keeps me going. And it’s a little sad when I see one stop, especially a blog that I’ve come to appreciate both the content and the author. Like you say, relationships develop.

    Ry has a unique point of view that appears in his writing and emerges as a reflection in the blogs and sites he shouts out.

    While visiting his site I stumbled upon “The Minimalists” site. Finding unexpected ideas and inspiration is the main thing that drives me back over and over again to a blog. It’s why I come here — you always have great stuff!

  2. Ry Austin says:

    Wow–thank you, Fuzzy, for this unexpected shout-out.

    I’ve been reading moto-blogs for about three years. I know, I know–ONLY three years? As I wish I’d begun motorcycling ten or so years earlier, I wish I’d begun reading moto-blogs much sooner. What immediately captivated me, and what keeps me reading, are the clearly unique voices. It might stand to reason that no two moto-blogs should read alike, but in many other arenas, the voices seem to become homogenized over time.

    Reading moto-blogs inspires me; opens my eyes wider to the amazing, rideable world out there; introduces me, even if only virtually, to personalities of great substance; gives me hearty laughs when I dearly need them; and keeps me connected to riding when the conditions simply don’t permit. The moto-bloggers I’ve read seem to be extraordinary individuals leading incredible lives–all while trying to pass as “ordinary”.

    Now, I must confess, I’m still guilty of being a mere lurker on many, many moto-blogs (I hate that creepy-sounding “lurker” term). I’ll continue to strive to overcome the shyness I feel about stepping into someone’s virtual living room and saying something like “Hey, you don’t know me, but I’ve been here a while, listening to what you’ve been saying, and here’s my input”. After all, that seems to be one of the reasons that bloggers open those doors, for the distinct perspectives, for the laughs, for the camaraderie…

    Thank you, moto-bloggers and your commenters: You contribute to my life more than you could possibly imagine.

  3. Shybiker says:

    How nice of you, Fuzz, to promote your friend’s blog. I’m sure he’ll benefit from your effort.

    We gravitate to some folks ’cause they seem like good people. I felt that way about you from day one and you proved my hunch correct.

  4. Trobairitz says:

    Cool. I’ve added it to my blog roll on the side-bar too.

    Thanks for letting us all know.

    • Ry Austin says:

      Thank you, Trobairitz, that is mighty friendly of you.

      I’ll be honest… I’ve had your blog in my Feedly for a long time, and I’m a regular reader. I just have to continue to do my darnedest to silence that pesky voice that says, “Come on, Ry, what makes you think that YOU have the right to comment?”

      I can’t help but think that many bloggers and blog readers were the kids who seldom raised their hands in school, even though they usually had important comments to contribute and interesting things to say.

  5. curvyroads says:

    Cool, adding the new blog to my Bloglovin feed…going to check it out now!

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