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New Moto Blog on the Block: TwoWheelsToThere.com

New Moto Blog on the Block: TwoWheelsToThere.com

You know, it’s funny keeping a blog. If you’ve never kept one yourself, on the surface you might think that the relationship is one way. You write your thoughts down, you post your photos and you give something to the world. One way, right?

But really –  it isn’t. What you get back from the people who engage with you gives you so much in return. I wish I could tell you how many times I’ve read a comment only to have it rattle around in my brain for days with me thinking about the hows and whys of what was posted. Sometimes a reader writes their own mini-blog in the form of a comment.

I’ll be the first to admit I have no clue what really makes a blog popular. I haven’t the slightest idea what makes a blog “work.” Is it the alignment of the stars? A matter of timing? Relentless promotion? Yes, I know some people are better writers or photographers than others but even that isn’t solely it.

I guess we gravitate to some people because they are more relatable than others. It seems like if you just do what you do authentically, someone will hear your tiny voice out there in the darkness and say hello.

One of the voices that came to say hello here some time ago is Ry. With his witty, well thought out and heartfelt comments he always gets me thinking. Wouldn’t you know he’s taken the leap and finally began to post his own thoughts on blog paper?

Two Wheels to There

Just last week I received a fantastic blog calling card in my mailbox introducing his new home on the web:


It would be awesome if you’d swing over and read about his journeys. When you first begin your foray into the blogdom, it is such a great treat to hear from likeminded folks.

Welcome to the motoblogosphere, Ry. What took you so long? 😉


Around the World with AntiHero

Around the World with AntiHero

Let’s face it. The lives that many of us have chosen don’t allow us to fling ourselves out in to the world to just wander. Maybe we do it in small doses – a trip here and there. And maybe some of us don’t find a way to do it at all.

Thankfully there is an army of other motorcyclists who share the view from their visor. As they send back images and dispatches from the road, they can help to feed your dreams until the time that you find yourself out there in the world.

This is currently my favorite world traveler. He’s taking me around the world with him and doesn’t even know it.


You may have seen his Ducati Panigale trip threads on ADVrider.

I like to follow him on Instagram too:

#ducati #panigale #rtw

A photo posted by AntiHero (@dennis_matson) on

Regarding Instagram

I know some people are sensitive about using Instagram. They don’t want someone else owning their images. Fair enough. But, if you register an account you can still follow, comment and search the app without ever posting a photo yourself.

You can of course still look at a user’s profile on Instagram without logging in. But, you can’t search the site for users and hashtags so you’d need to know who you’re looking for and navigate there directly.

The sheer number of images that are posted on the service is staggering. And some of them are downright incredible.

Introduce Yourself: Tell Me… About You

Introduce Yourself: Tell Me… About You

For the past few days, one post on this here blog has just caught fire. It was: Here It Is! The Greatest Road Sign In The World. I wish I knew the formula that makes that happen. Whatever it is that sparked peoples imagination – I’m grateful.

My dear friend Pimmie happened to see the photo posted on a Dutch motorcycle site:

Hello & Thank You! 

So, on the heels of all of these new folks coming around I just wanted to say Welcome and Thanks for Reading!

And to those of you who’ve been around for a while now – you’re like my favorite unicorn wool sweater… just awesome.

So… You Come Here Often?

Why don’t you take a minute and say Hi? How about telling me where you’re from and maybe what bike you’re riding? How about telling me where your blog is or your astrological sign? You know – that getting to know you chit-chat.

If you’ve been a silent lurker who didn’t know how to jump in – now’s your chance to say something. You’ll get extra style points for making me laugh.

Thanks, Everybody.
You guys and dolls are the greatest readers a little pink motorcycle blog could ever hope for.
Awesome Blog: Rare Sportbikes For Sale

Awesome Blog: Rare Sportbikes For Sale

If you have an interest in rare or unusual sportbikes then this blog is for you.

Barber Motorsports Museum
Some Rare Beauties at the Barber Motorsports Museum

These guys scour the web looking at classified and for sale ads all over the world for unusual bikes. Gray market, limited production, hard to find classics and exotics; there are some very interesting pieces that grace their blog pages. Honda RC30, CBR 400RR, Ducati 851 –  yeah, they’ve got listings for those and then some.

I read their RSS feed each day wondering what will pop up next. Now if only I had space and money…