Welcome to Dwarf, Kentucky!

Welcome to Dwarf, Kentucky!

Uh… thanks?

Sometimes I’ll see a name on a map and just know that one day I’ll have to pass through town to see what’s going on there. Most of the time with these kooky names it’s a small place that isn’t anything to write home about, as in the case of Dwarf. But even just getting a chuckle can be worth the ride.

While Dwarf wasn’t very exiting, it’s proximity to some other interesting town names sound like a trifecta for an interesting night out. Fisty, Hardburly, Dwarf…? Good thing they’re all in KY!

9 Replies to “Welcome to Dwarf, Kentucky!”

  1. I like to gravitate to funny town names too….. Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ…. Wawayanda, NY… and what do you suppose they were thinking when they named Coxsackie, NY (and they pronounce it Coke-sackie… who are they kidding?) or Butternuts, NY. And I wonder what goes on in Chateaugay, NY…. Seems like a road trip is in order.

  2. A few years ago in the Mason Dixon 2020 rally we had to visit towns with interesting names. Places like Intercourse PA, Virginville PA, Dickville, and a bunch of others.

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