Mr. Close Parker – Don’t Be That Guy

While I was hanging out with mama-dog, eating lunch in front of the Granville Country Store, I sat looking out onto the town square.  When I’d arrived, I pulled into an unlined parking space of which there where only 2 left. Not long after everyone filtered away, leaving only my bike and 1 other car in the far end of the small parking area.

Until my new best friend pulled in and decided to park RIGHT NEXT TO ME.

mr close parker

I felt a little nervous that someone with no situational awareness just might clip my sidebag with his mirror when he backed out.

But… why? Look at all that space. Why did he have to park that close to me.

I’ll never understand some people.


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6 Responses

  1. Must be the same guy I’ve met at the urinals of countless public restrooms.

  2. specialsymbol says:

    There’s still plenty of space left between the bike and the car. Maybe he did realize that if the lot fills up again, that way three other cars can park next to him. If he moved a meter to the right only two would fit in. So I’d rather say he is maybe a person who really thinks ahead.

  3. Crudmop says:

    I swear some folks have to be doing this on purpose. At work I’ll park far out in the lot where NOBODY parks and inevitably someone will park RIGHT next to me when there are many more accessible spots.

  4. Shybiker says:

    Most people don’t have brains; they act on instinct. And their instinct here is fear. They cling to the herd and are scared to be out in the open by themselves. Out there, a predator might swoop down and eat them.

  5. Trobairitz says:

    My standard answer when that crap occurs is: “The whole freaking parking lot and you had to park right beside me?”. I am pretty sure I don’t say freaking though.

    What fries my ass more than the parking lot thing is when a whole restaurant is empty and someone will sit at the table right beside you. We’ve been known to get up and move our food to a different table while giving them the stink eye. I can only hope I give them a complex.

    See, I said I don’t play well with others. And I hate the herd mentality.

  6. Raindog says:

    Oh, come on y’all, have some compassion… That cager was likely just having a rough day and was searching for something Fuzzy to cuddle with. You’d be sad too if you went around in a cage all day every day. 🙂

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