The Beauty of Simple Machines

The Beauty of Simple Machines

Sometimes when I go out for a ride on one of our simpler machines, I become acutely aware of just how much beauty and enjoyment there is in that simplicity.

Two wheels, a set of bars and a little heart that thumps out passion.

royal enfield desert storm

Sometimes I feel like we’re just chasing out tails with all of the bits and bobs, the computers and jog wheels.

The ride is the thing. The love is in the doing. What more could I possibly need?

14 Replies to “The Beauty of Simple Machines”

  1. Perfectly expressed. Too many motorcyclists get wrapped up in mechanical and technological innovations that obscure the real reason for riding — to enjoy the experience. Simple machines can be as good as complex ones.

  2. Simple is beautiful… The more complicated the machine, the likelier it is to experience component failure and interfere with the ride at hand.

  3. Yes, I remember now on my last Enfield Bullet 500 – all that lovely chromework to be polished and paintwork waxed each weekend. What hard work! Thankfully, my present bike, a Suzuki Inazuma 250, can stand in rain without rusting as much as my Enfield did.

  4. Hi,
    I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your Blog. And two thumbs up for the Ennie! Thank you very, very much from Berlin, Germany. ✌

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