Roadside Americana: The Scary Pie Lady of Frackville PA.

Roadside Americana: The Scary Pie Lady of Frackville PA.

I may have to start rethinking my penchant for visiting roadside statues.

Exhibit A:

Just check out the cold, dead eyes on these two.

Scary pie mama statue

And that poor kid… I’m not sure what’s more tragic; the headless doll, her haircut or the fact that she looks like she’s listening to the ocean in her mom’s pelvis like a giant seashell.

What do you think the pie is stuffed with? The souls of kittens? The hopes and dreams of children? The doll’s head?

scary pie lady shoes

By the looks of things in the (tres manly) shoe department, zombie pie lady must pull away from her bolts nightly, leaving her lofty perch behind to terrorize unsuspecting townspeople.

I hope they didn’t haunt my topbox.

scary pie people

Pie lady – so scary, so wrong, SO RIGHT! 

If you want to visit scary pie people:

115 West Coal St.
Frackville, PA
Roadside Treasure Map

12 Replies to “Roadside Americana: The Scary Pie Lady of Frackville PA.”

  1. OMG – listening to the ocean in her mom’s pelvis!! Funniest shit I’ve seen in awhile. Thanks for the big laugh. (BTW I’ll probably have nightmares from the cold dead eyes!)

  2. That’s so funny and creepy all at the same time…I thought we had some weird stuff here in the future….can’t wait to come to ‘Merica next year, t’s going to be awesome!

  3. Rachael, I have a really odd Muffler Man photo I took this morning in Springfield, MA I’d like to send you.. Bob B

  4. Nice writeup! Some friends and I passed through Frackville last spring to check out the pie lady and it’s as freaky in person as in the photos. We also visited the “monument to mothers” in Ashland and Bill’s Old Bike Barn in Bloomsburg (well worth the ride up)

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