2014: Roadside Awesomeness Extravaganza

2014: Roadside Awesomeness Extravaganza

Any motorcycle ride that is punctuated by seeing something totally silly, funky or ridiculous on the road is a-okay in my book. These are some of the nifty stops I made this year:

Gnome on the Grange

fuzzygalore gnome chomsky
Chomsky – The 3rd Largest Garden Gnome
Kerhonksen, New York

Hooray for Kooks!

fuzzygalore license plate barn west virginia
License Plate Covered Barn –
Somewhere near Romney, West Virginia

I Will Gnaw Your Face Off

fuzzygalore skull-o-pus
Yeah I have no idea… Skull-o-pus?
This one is probably seasonal. It was near a flower shop around Halloween.
Somewhere near Lexington, Virginia


fuzzygalore airmail mailbox
Airmail Mailbox
Otis, Massachusetts

Fine Art… On Wheels!

fuzzygalore kenny scharf karbomz car
A Kenny Scharf Karbomz painted car!
Springs, New York

Bucket List Stop – Shell-shaped Station

fuzzygalore shell shaped gas station winston-salem nc
Shell-shaped Gas Station
Winston-Salem, North Carolina


Who Wants a Hug?

fuzzygalore steel virgin mary
34ft. Steel Virgin Mary
New Castle, Delaware


Monkey Business

fuzzygalore might joe gorilla shamong nj
Mighty Joe the Gorilla
Shamong, NJ


Milk, Milk, Lemonade…

fuzzygalore cow sign
Why do they have to attempt such a realistic job on the ole milkbag? Veins? Ick.
Amelia, Virginia


Heyyyyyy, Guys!

fuzzygalore daniel boone linwood north carolina
::waves:: Hi Daniel!
Daniel Boone the Truckstop Giant.
Linwood, North Carolina


So Big, So Painty.

fuzzygalore giant paint can shippensburg pennsylvania
Giant Can o’ Paint
Shippensburg, Pennsylvania


All Skate

fuzzygalore giant rollerskate bealton virginia
Giant Rollerskate!
Bealton, Virginia


An Elephant Never Forgets

fuzzygalore mr eds elephant museum
Candy Elephant at Mr. Ed’s Elephant Museum. I’m pretty sure they rotate what elephant appears in this spot.
Orrtanna, Pennsylvania

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  1. Looks like a blast! I just bought my wheels in February!!! Now I have to get my wish list together!

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