Sights from the Road: License Plate House – Hinsdale, NH

Sights from the Road: License Plate House – Hinsdale, NH

Set back from the road in Hinsdale, New Hampshire is a fabulous house that is covered in license plates.

license plate house new hampshire

When I say covered… I mean covered. Isn’t it wonderful?

hinsdale new hampshire license plate house

The house is no longer lived in, but another one was built right next to it. That is where the family now resides.

When I walked down the driveway, the lady of the house came to the screen door before I even made it to the front stoop. I said a quick hello and asked if it would be alright if I took some photos and looked around.

license pate house new hampshire

She was very friendly and said to absolutely look around. While we exchanged small talk, she went on to tell me that people actually steal some of the plates off of the building. That struck me as sad. I just don’t understand people who do things like that.

license plate house new hampshire

Even though the behavior of some must be disheartening, I’m glad that she still welcomes strangers to come by and look at this sweet curiosity. It must have been a labor of love.

I leave you with my favorite plate on the whole house and my wish for you~
bee happy license plate new hampshire

5 Replies to “Sights from the Road: License Plate House – Hinsdale, NH”

  1. Wow, that took a lot of work.

    I don’t feel so bad that my neighbor covers his garage and shed walls with hub caps – a lot of hub caps. It could be worse. As cool as the license plate house is, I really wouldn’t want to look at it from my porch everyday.

  2. The building was my Grandfather’s blacksmith shop. As kids, he always told us that he started covering the holes. I recently read in an old newspaper article from the Caledonian Record that he put up 3-4 as a joke and a few of his friends added more. It just continued from there. The woman that came to the door was my Mom. She and my Dad are no longer with us, but my family members still live in the new house. We had to remove my Grandfather’s house and the blacksmith shop before they collapsed. We built a new garage where the house stood and we put all the number plates on the new garage. People still stop by the take photos and to leave us more plates. It is a very well known landmark in the Northeast Kingdom of VT.

  3. If you have a plate or two that you would like us to put on the garage, please send them to The Dunn’s, 822 Granby Road, Victory, VT 05858

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