I Spy: Long Haul Trucking – A Guy Doin’ it Right

I Spy: Long Haul Trucking – A Guy Doin’ it Right

Yesterday when I was in the car, I spotted what I thought was a wheel peeking out from behind the cab of a big rig. Sure enough, as I got closer, I saw this tucked in:

motorcycle on a big rig

You sir, are doin’ it right!

If you simply have to work and your job takes you over the road to far away places, places that tug at your motorcycle heartstrings – bringing the bike with you has to be a nice option.

I don’t recall ever seeing another trucker bringing his bike along this way. Have you?

6 Replies to “I Spy: Long Haul Trucking – A Guy Doin’ it Right”

  1. I’ve heard of it but never seen it.

    Good job getting the camera out in time.

    Looks a little steep for ramps but he must have practice doing it.

  2. It is a fantastic idea. Haven’t we all considered something similar when we go away on business but have to keep the bike at home?

    My solution was telling my employer I would leave 2 days early so I could ride down to Cleveland Ohio from Ottawa Ontario.

  3. Cool! I like this, I think if I had the room I would do that too! I know when I go away for vacation I go through riding withdrawal.

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