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I Spy: Long Haul Trucking – A Guy Doin’ it Right

I Spy: Long Haul Trucking – A Guy Doin’ it Right

Yesterday when I was in the car, I spotted what I thought was a wheel peeking out from behind the cab of a big rig. Sure enough, as I got closer, I saw this tucked in:

motorcycle on a big rig

You sir, are doin’ it right!

If you simply have to work and your job takes you over the road to far away places, places that tug at your motorcycle heartstrings – bringing the bike with you has to be a nice option.

I don’t recall ever seeing another trucker bringing his bike along this way. Have you?

Snapshot: My Navigation System

Snapshot: My Navigation System

While we are on the road, my habit of waking up at 0’dark-thirty doesn’t take a vacation. Instead it is during those quiet hours when I am the only one who is awake that I spend time figuring out where the heck we’ll be going for the day. I think it’s a pretty nice service. I hope Kenny knows how lucky he is 😉

While I usually don’t leave the house with a hard route or plan in place, I do keep a list of possible ideas.

This was a typical scene during our trip through the south:

Navigation by the bathroom light

By the light of the bathroom I looked through my maps, brochures and scraps of paper I’d stuffed in my map baggie. I also checked the computer for possible pit stops like parks, attractions, giant fiberglass people – and would then then jot down a list of roads for the day.

This process has served me well over the years.

How About You?

When you head out on a trip do you leave armed with a set plan or do you travel more loosely and figure it out as you go?

Day 13: Drop In, Pop Out – #29in29

Day 13: Drop In, Pop Out – #29in29

There is a funny thing the happens to the look of terrain in a photo.

Dropping In

– click pix to embiggen –

Popping Out

When you’re standing there in person looking over the edge of a drop, it looks like a cliff. Then when you get home and look at the photos, it seems so much more tame. Photos never seem to do the terrain justice.

This climb was too much for me. The last portion was a vertical wall. I didn’t even contemplate trying it. Instead, Chloe and I were a cheering section for the types with balls.

You can see this particular hill climb in a video posted on StayOnTheGas.com.