Making Friends with Johnny Law

Making Friends with Johnny Law

Officer: “Yo. We got reports of sexy bitches tearin’ shit up in here. That you?”

Me: “Seriously? Who ELSE could it be?”

Officer: “Word.”

Me: “That it?”

Officer: “Yeah.”

Me: “Peace out, playa.”

I’m paraphrasing.

Thankfully he didn’t want to see my license. Remember what happened the last time I got stopped by the cops? Eesh.

17 Replies to “Making Friends with Johnny Law”

  1. I bet he went back to the station and said “I saw Wonder Woman on her bike today” love that shirt. Fuzzy you truly are magnificent!

  2. My dad was a cop. My brother was a cop. Our friends were all cops. I try to remember that when The Man is doing his duty. Glad your encounter was uneventful. I’d hate to read in Newsday that you went all Reese on him.

  3. Having a good experience with the law is always a nice change of pace. For some reason after reading that I also am imagining WuTang playing in the background, I don’t know why.

  4. He was polite and respectful, we were polite and respectful…everyone left happy.

    Hard to imagine asking for anything else.

  5. lol just saw this as I was checking out the site and thought it was hilarious. I’ve had a few run ins myself and it sucks when the cop doesn’t say ‘word’. That’s basically the most surefire way to know that your encounter is going to end well.

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