Achievement Unlocked: Slacking Motorcycle Blogger!

Greetings from the land of absentee bloggers! I thought it was about time I brushed some of the cobwebs away and put up an update.

You missed me, didn’t you? 😉
Just go along with it even if you didn’t. It’s good for my battered self esteem.

In the couple of weeks since I last posted, I’ve actually ridden my motorcycle quite a lot. For some reason, I just haven’t taken the time to write about it.  That really goes against the whole premise of being a blogger, doesn’t it? I told you I like to live on the edge.

So, What’s New?

The Ural

Things on the Ural front are status quo. The 3-wheeled smile machine is still happily chugging along bringing sunshine to the masses. No problems with it, since some folks have asked. ::knocks wood:: 

I get it – but it always bugs me when people ask if anything has gone wrong with it. It’s just a little douchey. If something craps out on it, you guys will be the first to know.

I am still in awe with just how people react to the big orange girl. It is always met with a smile. And that… makes me happy.

The Tiger

My sick Tiger was all fixed up a few weeks ago.

Tigers at the red rooster

Remember how the “thingy” had been wonky by the ignition? Well it turned out a wire inside had broken loose. Why? Who knows? And really, I don’t care. All I know is the Tiger and I were reunited and it feels so good.

That should cover your Peaches and Herb quota for the month.

The Berkshire Big Adventure

It’s almost time for the 2013 Berkshire Big Adventure ride – my favorite ride of the year. This year it is a two-day event so I’m all sorts of excited about that.

Berkshire Big Adventure
AMA National 2 Day Adventure Ride
May 18-19, 2013

Seeing as how I haven’t ridden my Husky offroad in months, I am expecting to be really rusty. Being rusty when you already suck at something… well, that should bring about some interesting results. Ah, what the hell. I’m hoping for the best!

You can find some old posts about the BBA here:

And our video from 2011 that I just love to recycle because it was so much fun:


The Minuteman 1000

I’ve had to withdraw from doing the Minuteman Rally because I still haven’t mastered being in 3 places at once. Oh well, whaddayagonnado?

Equinox to Equinox Rally

I’m still riding around taking pictures of things for the E2E Rally.

I’ve been trying to get off of the Island to pick up some points and leave the local stuff for when I have less time to get out.

St. Johns in the Wilderness

The downside of this plan is that I fucking hate the Long Island Expressway at this point and am sick of making the hour long slog to get off this island. Cue violins. But, that’s the price I have to pay for living in paradise! Oh. Right. 😛


So – that’s what happening around here.

How About You?

Trips, events, rallies – what are you up to?


Rachael is the whimsical writer behind the 20+ year old Girlie Motorcycle Blog. As a freelance blogger, she is on a mission to inspire laughter, self-examination, curiosity, and human connection. Girlie Motorcycle Blog can be found on several Best Motorcycle Blog lists.

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14 Responses

  1. Bob Bendix says:

    Which of the days would you recommend riding of the Berkshire event, since I can only ride one day? I’ll be taking my trusty 1965 Honda 305 Scrambler, of course.

    • Fuzzygalore says:

      Did you participate in the Moto Giro this past weekend?

      • Bob Bendix says:

        I did not ride the Giro last weekend. Back in February, when registration opened, I just did not feel motivated to participate and I just had a hunch that the time would be needed for something more important. Turns out my Mom had open heart surgery, and came home last weekend. There will be other Giros, but I have only one Mom!

        For the fall 2012 Giro in VT, I volunteered to drive the chase truck both days, which turned out to a smart move, as I broke 3 ribs two weeks earlier racing Vintage Motocross in Canada, on my IT490. I don’t think I would’ve lasted 2 days on my 305 Scrambler!

        I’ll take your advice and ride the dualsport on Saturday. I met Jim Hollerich, the owner of that museum, in Canada last year. Nice guy.

        I gotta ask: was the photo on your blog of the Red Rooster Drive-in taken in Brewster, NY? I grew up in that area, and my daughter took me there once to play mini-golf for Father’s Day!

        Bob B

  2. Fuzzygalore says:

    Hey Bob!
    Since the route is unknown until the day of – I would say do Saturday simply because they’ve made arrangements for the route to go by the Vintage Trailbike Museum. That might be something that would tickle your fancy:

  3. GLantern says:

    I completely agree with your sentiments of the LIE………it’s been slightly more bearable since the move though. Seems you have been really busy with riding, welcome back! No big plans for me right now, i’ll be missing the berks this year but it’s ok i’ll be there next year. That video is the greatest, all the rain and slop really made it a ride to remember.

    I did have a pretty big weekend of fun though, street on saturday and a good day of dirt yesterday on the new to me bike! I’m planning on another ride in July for dirt, maybe go to the pine barrens or do an organized dual sport.

  4. GLantern says:

    excuse me I mean June……I know not to ride in July……..

  5. RichardM says:

    That Ural still looks pretty clean and shiny. What’s with that? 😉

  6. Katie says:

    That church looks like St. John’s in the Wilderness….love that place!

  7. David Drouin says:

    I can relate to having to drive an hour on an expressway to get anywhere interesting. When I used to live in Toronto it would take from forty five minutes to an hour to get out of stop and go traffic. It is worth it however whenever you get to those really fine roads and have an excellent ride.

    I am going to be in New York a bunch this summer. What are your favourite roads to ride or places to visit? Sort of a summer top 5 list.

  8. Trobairitz says:

    It sounds like you have been keeping busy on two and three wheels and are happy and tha tis what it’s all about. Blog when you have time, we’ll still be here.

    I have been really slacking on the E2E pictures. Maybe with our nicer weather I’ll get out more, yeah right. A girl can dream.

  9. Shybiker says:

    Hmm… this looks like a nice blog. Don’t think I’ve heard of it before. 🙂

    Glad to hear about your adventures. Riding and exploring are always preferable activities to writing on a computer.

  10. daniel aldo says:

    Reason this guy moved off the island and back to Westchester. 5 years of being on the south shore the Van Wyck became my nemesis. With it’s 1 ft deep craters (I kid you not) and typical parking lot arrangement, I just had to go. A 2 hour round trip addition to anything remotely interesting just got old. You are a glutton for punishment, in a long, flat, boring LIE way. I admire your will.

  11. BJ_CT says:

    Glad to hear you’re riding (and running). Sorry to hear you have to pass on the MM1K. I’m about 4300 miles into the MS5000 since 4/1 with the CapeFear1K, NutMeg400 and Trouble With Triples rallys under my belt. The Mason-Dixon 2020 and Minuteman1K are next.. Saw Lucy and American Gothic and Nitro Girl and ‘da tooth’ for, let’s see, about 10 seconds each. Rode under a ‘wall cloud’, slightly rotating, very windy, raining like hell in Ohio. I’ve had to cross the Tappan Zee way too many times (wish I lived west of the Hudson and north of I-84). E2E is on the back, back burner. Will be working on the Big Money Rally the next couple of weekends before it closes, then the Z to A Rally. Not sure I’m liking the picture rallys. Jealous as hell about the Berkshire run. Need to find that pristine IT400 I’ve been half assed looking for. Don’t give up on the LD rallys.

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