I’m In! The Minuteman 1000 – 24 Hour Rally

Minuteman 1000 - MM1K

[EDIT] Because I cannot be in 3 places at once, I had to withdraw from the Minuteman. Maybe next year…

Since participating in The Void 7 in October 2012, I’m no longer a rally virgin. I guess that’s why I was feeling a bit cavalier (read: stupid) when I signed myself up to do the Minuteman 1000 this June. How bad could it be, right?


The format of the Minuteman is similar to what I did before:

…the MM1K is a 26 hr rally in the “traditional” format, i.e. you will be given a list of bonus locations along with point values for each location. The rider who obtains the most points will be the winner.

Get a flag, plan a route, ride around taking pictures all night, take a nap, take some more pictures then head back to the barn. Oh, and don’t fuck up. Yep. That sounds about right.

Did I Learn Anything From the Last Rally?

Well, yes, actually. Or maybe.


I now know I might want to get myself some kind of light that I can use to illuminate things that my headlights won’t reach. That was a lesson I learned during the night when I had to flag down a cop and asked him to use his spotlight to shine on a fish sign that was on a dark roof.

The light needs easily fit in a sidebag or top box with a bunch of other junk.

A big flashlight would also be handy for keeping Bigfoot away.

Suggestions welcome.

Spare Keys

Keeping your spare keys – including the spare for the topbox IN the topbox… not too bright. Keep keys on my person!


My tankbag is on the petite side. I wasn’t able to keep my paperwork in it without folding and crumpling it to hell. That meant during the Void, I had to go in my topbox for every stop. I may need to get myself a different tank bag. Maybe.

Relax, Trust My Gut and Enjoy the Ride

I need to not be such a neurotic freak. Keep calm and ride on.

Actually, I don’t feel nearly as wound up as I did when I entered the Void. I still have no assumptions about being remotely competitive. I’ll just be riding my ride and hopefully seeing some cool stuff along the way.


So that’s my story – for now.


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5 Responses

  1. DUC748 says:

    I found an LED flashlight from Inova at Target a few years ago and absolutely love it! My go to flashlight for severe weather or “advanced darkness”. 😉 You cannot go wrong with the X2, but if you’re after more light just bump up to the X03 for a slightly larger product with much better beam distance (X2 uses 2xAA, X03 uses 2×123).



  2. I’m still only a LD wannabe so I’m no help, but based on a test I saw in the IBA mag, I keep a Fenix LD20 LED flashlight in my tankbag — it’s way more powerful than my 3 D-cell Maglite, but much smaller and has a hat clip and a flasher mode (raincoat not included). AAs don’t last very long, tho, so spares are a good idea. Some comparo pics are in here: http://www.ascycles.com/pdf/IronButt101.pdf

  3. OG says:

    + one on the LED flashlights. Good ones are super compact and very powerful. Olight is an excellent brand and available from vendors like http://www.batteryjunction.com/olt20t15t10.html or http://www.ultimategarage.com/shop/index.php?cPath=956&osCsid=560rsgqo46lk8r94i78th218r0

    If you want to see them in person, Steve at Ultimate Garage is a good guy and somewhat in your neck of the woods..

  4. Jim says:

    Fuzzy – I used a Nightblaster Rechargeable handheld spotlight for that fish pic in the Void. Fished stopped in it’s tracks like Bambi in headlights 😀

    It’s rated at 2,000,000 candlepower for whatever that’s worth. It works on a rechargeable battery (12VDC car adapter included).

    I also have a Brinkman QBeam 12VDC combo Spot/Flood light. It does not have a battery but is mounted to a tilting/swiveling magnetic base. The beemer of course has nothing magnetic on it so I’ve had to rig a plate to go over my tail rack. I have a power outlet right on the tail courtesy of BMW so it’s an easy stop, plug in and aim the light if I need it.

    Neither is good for a tankbag but both would fit fine in a tail/top case.

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