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Snowpocalypse – Blizzard Drives Long Islanders Mad

Snowpocalypse – Blizzard Drives Long Islanders Mad

Here where I live on Long Island, we got pummeled by nearly 3 feet of snow on Friday. One of the first questions everyone in my circle of friends asked was ‘Did you take the Ural out?’

snowbound in the garage for now

No, I haven’t. From Friday in to Saturday the county asked that all non-emergency vehicles stay off the roads.

With echoes of Hurricane Sandy – response here on Long Island was bungled. In some crazy breakdown of infrastructure, it is now Monday morning and the majority of roads in our county still remain unplowed. Highly taxed residents are outraged.

Abandoned snowbound cars sit silently littered on our roadways. These cars have to be dug out and towed away before a plow can clear those areas. Residential side streets are a mess with some random system of plowing having taken place. Some larger side roads were plowed through once, creating large barriers of snow to smaller streets that are still unplowed.

The Long Island Expressway, our largest artery, was shut down for snow removal from Sunday morning at 9am until 7am Monday morning. A 6 to 8 lane highway! That blows my mind.

my car, burred under snow

Kenny and I walked to the supermarket which was surprisingly open on Sunday. Adventurous (or stupid) drivers were out creating gridlock, maneuvering around car-filled snowbanks, stuck vehicles and accidents. They were doing a whole lot of honking and not a lot of moving. The two of us were able to walk faster than people were able to drive.

Tensions were very high on the road. Exasperated people idling in their cars were asking us why the traffic was stopped as we walked by. Oh, I don’t know… we had 3 feet of snow and no plowing? Maybe everyone who doesn’t need to be driving should stay the hell home until the roads get sorted out?!

We saw someone curse out a snowplow driver who was trying to squeeze through a blocked intersection. Brilliant.

Many people panic in the face of crisis and just can’t seem to find a way to make the best of a bad situation.

I’m glad to report, we’re still smiling.

Keep calm, carry on.