Three Things That Pissed Me Off On the Road This Weekend

Three Things That Pissed Me Off On the Road This Weekend

I’m tired and I’m grouchy. And so, I’d like to share a few things that have pissed me off on the road this weekend:

Cigarette Butts
Oh, you’re a smoker? That’s great. I hear smoking does wonders for your heath. Thanks ever so much for sharing your cigarette butts with me.

Maybe you could toss out some fast food trash next time to keep things interesting?

Turn Signals
If you’re in a car, they turn on and off with that stick thingy near the round wheel in your hands. Using them gives other people on the road around you some semblance of an idea of what you plan on doing with your vehicle.

Or not… because you’ve been driving for the last 5 miles with your blinker on. The stick thingy turns ’em on AND off. Go ahead, give it a try!

Cell Phones
I’m sure that your family and friends like you. A whole lot, even. But you know, you probably aren’t so f’n fascinating that you need to relay every flippin’ thing going on in your day while you’re driving 48mph in the left lane (with your left blinker on) on the highway with a parade of cars behind you.

Hang up and drive your f’n car BEFORE YOU KILL SOMEONE!

{takes a deep breath} :::serenity now:::

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19 Replies to “Three Things That Pissed Me Off On the Road This Weekend”

  1. Oh my … How can I express that I agree with all my enthusiasm? It’s the same here. And generally people in cars too big for their own good.

    1. Yea, I find it frustrating when I can’t see around, over or through someone’s giant SUV. I have this problem pulling out of my street quite often actually. Our development exit is 2 lanes, 1 turning left, the other right. SUVs or large pickup trucks pulling to the very edge of the intersection, turning in the opposite direction virtually block the view so you can’t see if your lane is clear to turn.

      Hate that.

      But I suspect we may be guilty of blocking the view when my hubs Kenny is driving his Honda Ridgeline. I guess I’d better have a talk with him 😆

  2. I totally get how you are feeling here. I hate the ‘world is my ashtray’ mentality. I was cruising down the highway doing 90 clicks & the a-hole ahead of me lobbed out a lit butt & it headed straight for me, royally pissed me off.

    I hate the cagers who do not use turn signals & not shoulder check & then they are in your lane because they didn’t see you, if they would have used the turn signal at least you’d know they were going to invade your space. Uggh I think we all feel your pain & have experienced it on several occasions. Hope you are chilling & having a nice glass of vino or a martini.

  3. I agree strongly with all of these complaints. I can’t believe that many litterers of cigarettes DON’T EVEN PUT THEM OUT before tossing them onto the road. And the only thing worse than not using directionals are motorists using them AND THEN TURNING THE OPPOSITE WAY. We see this insanity too often.

  4. I was going to do the same post. I am tired of cagers not looking before turning and trying to kill me everyday.

    I think they have forgotten how to use signals and while they wait for pedestrians they are eager to turn left right in front of me. The one I truly love is when a cager of the SUV type swerves to miss a pot hole or manhole cover like it’s some sort of real hazard to their lifted vehicle. Anyway..thanks for venting…made me feel better 😉

  5. Gee Fuzzy, don’t sugarcoat things….why not tell us what you really think. 🙂 lol. have to agree with all those things, i once had some redneck flick his cigarette butt out the window and it hit my visor, thankfully it was down!

    1. I guess I sound like a total crank, huh? 😆

      Right, you get some hot ashes in your face and that guy just keeps on going… it’s crap!

      I’m just amazed at how inconsiderate people on the road are. Most times I just brush it off but last night after doing a lot of driving and then going out for a ride in the evening, I hit my breaking point.

      The phone thing, that’s the one that really bugs me. People are flat out dangerous.

  6. I can deal with the butts. It was the loogie that came flying out of a car window and nearly collided with a few weeks back that completely pissed me off. Disgusting!

  7. My solution to these, and many other cagers’ lapses of road craft, attention, common courtesy and civility, is to make a minimum of 5K miles of motorcycle/scooter experience a pre-requisite to obtaining a license to drive a car.

  8. Totally agree with all! Not to mention the guy that took a right turn from the left lane – five lanes to the left. There was a wake of unhappy people around him.

  9. Don’t forgot the soccer mom who looks directly at you and still moves into your lane…….or the guy who blocks you from passing by moving into the incoming traffic lane……..

  10. Im surprised no one has mentioned TEXTING. maybe not as prevalent in other parts of the country as in Seattle, but is is certainly an epidemic up here. When traffic gets sticky and slows down, *pop* out come the phones and away go the fingers – and the attention, at a time when you really do need it. I sit on a tall bike and can see all the eyes going back and forth from a quick peek up at the road down to a mysterious something in the lap. (“if i hide the phone down by my lap, no one will know Im texting!”)

    After a few years of riding in Seattle commute traffic, I’m convinced beyond a doubt that cell phone use should be banned completely while operating a vehicle. Its the biggest attention suck that i have seen.

    *phew* end rant….

  11. Well said Fuzzy, well said.

    After spending hours on I-5 this weekend and also 3 weeks ago I can really relate. Of course that is why we took the cage, I-5 around here is scary on a bike.

    And don’t forget the people that won’t do the speed limit but speed up to 20 over the speed limit as you try and pass them. ‘Oh – now you found your gas pedal.’ Or is it that they’ve just hung up the phone?

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