Oakley Fast Jacket Sunglasses with Transition Lenses

Oakley Fast Jacket Sunglasses with Transition Lenses

My Shark Race-R Sutra HelmetThere are quite a few helmets out now that have built in flip-down sunshades in them. My Shark Race-R helmet isn’t one of them. Since I prefer not to use a tinted visor, that means I often wear sunglasses in my helmet.

With its “Easy Fit ” space for glasses wearers, my helmet accommodates the arms of glasses without any pinching or pressing. That makes comfort a non-issue for me.

Visordown might think I’m committing crimes against motorcycle fashion but… who cares?

Oakley fast jacket with transition lenses

Instead, I am taking my fashionably-challenged-ness to a whole new level of hideousness. Yes, that’s right. I’m talking about Oakley sunglasses.

I’d long thought Oakleys were only meant for those steroid-laden robot men from the gym that can bench press my car. I suppose I was wrong. I lift things up and put them down.

Oakley fast jacket with transitions

fuzztrooperI am now the proud owner of a pair of Oakley Fast Jacket glasses with Transitions photochromic lenses. They transition from nearly clear to tinted when exposed to UV light.

For me, it is much faster and more compact to change and store these glasses when compared to swapping different helmet visors. I can also use them for other outdoor activities. Win!

And they make me look like a cyborg, so there’s that.

The glasses do not darken while riding in a car. I specifically asked the salesperson if there would be any issue with the lenses not shading while wearing a helmet. He said that the should work fine assuming my visor doesn’t block UV rays. Makes sense. ::crosses fingers::

Are you a sunglasses or tinted visor wearer?

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  1. Sunglasses, but mine aren’t nearly as cool as those. I am too hard on sunglasses to get nice ones. Though as I get older, that may be changing. 🙁

    Of course in that case “nice” would not mean cool Oakley shades, but rather prescription sunglasses. The eyes can’t stay young forever.

    1. The very first thing Kenny said to me when we walked out of the Oakley store was “DON’T LOSE THOSE.” 😆 I’m hard on glasses, too. BUT, i’m really trying to be better.

      I’m not so sure these are “cool.” They seem more utility-like and don’t feel like my style, as bad as that is.


  2. I opted for a mirrored visor and it seemed to significantly drop the temperature inside the helmet when compared to the clear visor. The hassle, of course, is carrying two visors and changing them. But up north that doesn’t happen very often due to our really long days. If it’s dark, I’m probably not going to be on the road….

    1. I’m not sure that i’ve ever noticed heat issues in the helmet. I suppose it makes sense though. Sometimes, like when plugging along on the sunny highway for hours at a time my eyes get really tired, dry and seem to reach the point where they’ve been overexposed to light. I’m sure that heat must contribute to their fatigue.

  3. I think they are awesome! I have been contemplating some Oakley’s with interchangeable lenses because I don’t think the photochromic lenses will work with my Shoei visor because it has UVA & UVB. I was thinking of amber lenses. They are easier to deal with than carrying an extra visor. They look good with your helmet. I have Maui Jim sunglasses & love them, but have cracked the frame 🙁

  4. Nice specs! 🙂
    I’m hard on glasses too. Most of them are in various states of carnage. I have one decent pair that are my bicycling glasses, which I often use on the motorcycle as well. Not Oakley’s, but the are photochromic. I love that they always seem to be the right degree of shade. Mine seem to work fine with the shield.

    Dh has a helmet with a sunvisor. Always thought that was rather handy.

  5. I’m a prescription glasses wearer so have some prescription sunnies for summer. I’ve never bothered with a tinted visor as I’m often riding at night and don’t want the hassle of carrying a spare visor.

    This time of the year (winter for us) we do get sunny days but I tend to leave the sunnies at home as there are lots of shady patches and I wanna be able to see the road when I dive into one of them!

  6. I have so much to learn … easy fit?! I wear glasses and have clip-ons for the sun. Yes. The biggest of all fashion faux pas! Oh well, I’m from Minnesota the place of many an uncool fashionista!

  7. You keep denying this is a fashion-blog and then you post fabulous bits about fashion, like this one.

    My new helmet (Shoei Neotec) has a built-in sun-visor that flips down, similar to the one in my old Schuberth but bigger. When I didn’t have a sun-visor as in my last helmet (Shoei Multitec), I used sunglasses but found putting them on and taking them off a chore that (to be safe) required stopping the bike. Often, on an hourlong ride to Riverhead, the sun will appear and disappear behind clouds, making a sun-visor very handy. Besides, I don’t need to look like a pro athlete like you.

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