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The Eyes are the Window to Your Soul. Or Something.

The Eyes are the Window to Your Soul. Or Something.

fuzzygalore goggle selfie

On Saturday afternoon while doing the Meteor dualsport in south Jersey, we stopped at about the half-way point of the ride to get gas at a small gas station. When Gary and I pulled in there were probably 20 other motorcycles already there filling up.

Because New Jersey doesn’t allow you to pump your own gas (technically) you have some type of interaction with a pump attendant. In my case, he pushed the button, handed me the nozzle and then took my money at the end.  I was one of dozens of motorcyclists that passed through the station that day.

Hours later after packing up my bike and shedding my stormtrooper gear I washed my face, put on my baseball hat and pointed the Ridgeline towards home. My first stop before hitting the highway was filling up the truck. The first available gas station? The one I’d stopped at with my bike.

I pulled up to the pump, the (same) guy walks up to my window to take my card and says something like “Oh, you’re back. You were here earlier.”


Now… I have a way better chance of recognizing the same guy, in the same clothes, at the same gas station than he did me. But he recognized me out of a helmet, different clothes, in a baseball hat, in a car. How? I saw dozens of other riders throughout the day and I don’t think I’d know a single one without a helmet on.

What is it that allows us to really “see” and recognize people? Is it really the eyes?

Oakley Fast Jacket Sunglasses with Transition Lenses

Oakley Fast Jacket Sunglasses with Transition Lenses

My Shark Race-R Sutra HelmetThere are quite a few helmets out now that have built in flip-down sunshades in them. My Shark Race-R helmet isn’t one of them. Since I prefer not to use a tinted visor, that means I often wear sunglasses in my helmet.

With its “Easy Fit ” space for glasses wearers, my helmet accommodates the arms of glasses without any pinching or pressing. That makes comfort a non-issue for me.

Visordown might think I’m committing crimes against motorcycle fashion but… who cares?

Oakley fast jacket with transition lenses

Instead, I am taking my fashionably-challenged-ness to a whole new level of hideousness. Yes, that’s right. I’m talking about Oakley sunglasses.

I’d long thought Oakleys were only meant for those steroid-laden robot men from the gym that can bench press my car. I suppose I was wrong. I lift things up and put them down.

Oakley fast jacket with transitions

fuzztrooperI am now the proud owner of a pair of Oakley Fast Jacket glasses with Transitions photochromic lenses. They transition from nearly clear to tinted when exposed to UV light.

For me, it is much faster and more compact to change and store these glasses when compared to swapping different helmet visors. I can also use them for other outdoor activities. Win!

And they make me look like a cyborg, so there’s that.

The glasses do not darken while riding in a car. I specifically asked the salesperson if there would be any issue with the lenses not shading while wearing a helmet. He said that the should work fine assuming my visor doesn’t block UV rays. Makes sense. ::crosses fingers::

Are you a sunglasses or tinted visor wearer?

The Living the Goes Into Motorcycle Helmets

The Living the Goes Into Motorcycle Helmets

When you consider that you might have a helmet for say, 4 years – there is a lot of living that goes on during that time. Many roads traveled, friendships made, time shared and adventures experienced.

My old Shark helmet and I have been through a lot together. I suppose that’s why I felt a little twinge of melancholy when my new Shark Racer-R Sutra helmet arrived. Not because I would miss my old helmet per se but because it was like the closing of a chapter.

2012 Shark Sutra Helmet

Is it silly to mark these occasions? Maybe. But I cannot seem to escape doing it.

My Gramma said that it was good luck if it rained on moving day. I carried that little piece of superstition with me and smiled when the rain drizzled down during my first ride home from work in my new helmet. I hope the good luck continues to carry me through the rest of our time together.

Some of the places me and my old Shark helmet have been together:

Self portrait at 75 curves next 140 miles Kentucky Riding Speed Triple
Fuzzy at the Harbor helmets redwoods
lassen park sunset in sequoia Italy
splugenpass me and john in wv Italy Gavia Pass

Thanks for the memories, Sharky. It’s been fun <3

Day 29: Making Friends Along the Way – #29in29

Day 29: Making Friends Along the Way – #29in29

For my final post of the #29in29 Challenge – I leave you with this~

Friends Forever Sticker

If you’ve been following the challenge, I hope that maybe you’ve discovered a new blogger you hadn’t been reading regularly or maybe even made a new friend along the way.

For the other bloggers who have risen to the challenge of making a post each day throughout the month of February – I hope you had fun. Thanks for sharing a window into your world. I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts each day. Thank you!

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