Blog Challenge: Girlie Motorcycle Boots and Shoes

Blog Challenge: Girlie Motorcycle Boots and Shoes

My girl Dar over at Princess Scooterpie threw down the blog challenge gauntlet yesterday. The request:

Post a picture of your favorite non-motorcycle/scooter shoes & one of your motorcycle/scooter boots/shoes.

For many women this is like saying “Post a picture of your favorite child!” And like children, if you have only one maybe that would be easy. But if you’ve got like over a 100 different ones to choose from… eh, no so much.

That’s 100 different pairs of shoes, not children. If it were children you should seriously invest in a tv or a motorcycle or something else to do with your time. And also your uterus would probably fall out.

It was impossible for me zero in and pick a single favorite pair of shoes. I really don’t have one. So – instead I opted to pick my favorite brand of sneakers. The beautifully classic – Converse Chuck Taylor.

My shagged out Sidi Vertigos and my 3 pairs of Chucks:

Sidis and Chuck Taylors

The white Chucks were the shoes I got married in back in May.

Being that weddings are a time of happiness, it seemed like being too serious would be a travesty. Instead we 3, The Fuzzmops as our little family is called, opted for some custom Chucks featuring our name and the date of the wedding embroidered on ’em – 051212.

Wedding Converse

I guess you could say I am brand loyal when it comes to shoes and motorcycle boots. Love my Converse and of course love my Sidis. When it came to buying my dirt boots I went right back to my go-to brand and opted for the Crossfires. A choice I have been extremely satisfied with.

I still contend that they’re the sexiest motorcycle boots in the world 🙂

Sidi Crossfire

My Vertigo Rain street boots are on their last legs. The soles are nearly walked off and paper thin, the heels are little more than just a suggestion and the toes are ground out a bit. What was once water resistant is no longer.

I’ve been hemming and hawing over biting the bullet and getting a pair of GORE-TEX Sidi Adventure boots to replace the Vertigos. They look like they’d give me a wee lift that I could really use on the Tiger and keep my piggies dry to boot. See what I did there?

Maybe I’ll order those today…


12 Replies to “Blog Challenge: Girlie Motorcycle Boots and Shoes”

  1. How cute! I love that you infused your footwear with such sentiment and meaning. That was clever and fun.

    I saw Dar’s post inviting this and thought you should show off your twin sides. I might, too!

  2. Nicely done Fuzzy.

    Maybe you can convince Converse to make riding boots or Sidi to team with Converse.

    No, somehow i think that would muddy the waters.

  3. Fuzzy – BEAUTIFUL!!! Love the sneakers and that they are ambroidered with your clan name & wedding date – those are the best shoes! As for the motorcycle boots you are right they are sexy beasts!

    I too had trouble deciding. when I was younger I worked in a shoe store OMG now that was NIRVANA! I used to unpack the stock so I could try on all the shoes. I think at one point I had close to 200 prs those were heady days. Stilettos were may particular weakness and I had a fuschia pair that would put most of the heels now to shame.

    Go ahead order the Sidi’s……….I know ya want em……

  4. More proof that I really need to go buy more shoes! Hubby keeps saying I have a lot of shoes. He has NO idea. I, too, love that you got customized CTs for the wedding.

    1. Then you can also parlay that into needing to go out for dinner and drinks more often so you can wear your pretty shoes. It would be a shame to waste them! 😉

  5. Hey Ray, it’s Gene from junior high school – I’m still somewhat partial to orange converse kicks ( and the random, but complimentary orange Cheeto ( … Some years back I ran into your mom and dad at the Nanuet McD’s. Your mom said with pride that you were a motorcycle blogger mom – “smashing!” I thought. I revisited this site recently for inspiration in helping my sister with starting a fitness blog. Keep up the good work. Almost ran off the road in the Philippines at 7 mph, so obviously not an enthusiast. But I am enthusiastic about bikes on batteries ( (

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