The Sexiest Motorcycle Boots in the Universe: Sidi Crossfire TA

When I began looking for offroad boots I primarily zeroed in on the brand Sidi because of my experience with their street boots. I’ve grown to really appreciate their longevity and quality so it seemed like a logical choice. The more I began to read, the more I got sucked in to what can only be described as the motorcycle version of F-Me boots; the Sidi Crossfire TA. That was until I saw the price…

How Much?! I Feel Faint.

Over and over, 3 hideous digits popped up on every website I visited, burning in to my retinas like molten lava. 4. 5. 0.  Four hundred and fifty dollars?! Were these people out of their damned minds? What kind of insane person spends that kind of money on a pair of boots?

I did try to exercise some discipline and looked for alternatives. (<–I’m lying) I scoured the web over the course of a week looking through link after link trying to see if there was a deal to be had on the lust-worthy Crossfires. There were none.

What Should I Do?

Kenny – bless him –  was my sounding board for this lunacy. He’s often the voice of reason and he’s learned to adeptly handle my nonsense with the evasive footwork of a boxer in the ring.

“Kenny, do you think I should get these?”
“Yea, those look really nice. You love Sidis.”
“No. I can’t. They’re too expensive.”
“You’ll have them forever. Who cares?”
“No, I can’t. $450 is outrageous!”
“If they last as long as your old Sidi street boots, that’s like $50 a year. Just buy them and be done with it.”
“Ugh. I can’t. I can’t do it. They’re so expensive!”
“Fine, then don’t get them.”
“You’re right. I’m buying them.”

I pleaded my case to myself noting that its usually best to just pay up front and get what you really want. Otherwise you end up spending more by buying twice.  I reasoned that I would be making an investment in my personal safety. I don’t know why I even bothered to play that game. I knew the moment I laid eyes on them that I would buy them. With a slight pang of guilt I clicked the ‘checkout’ button.

Sidi Crossfire TA Boot - Fuzzygalore Girlie Motorcycle Blog

Sure, some women go weak in the knees at the mere sight of the red soles of a pair of Louboutin pumps and normally I would too, but when I opened that big black Sidi box it was like Christmas day. There they were, the most beautiful motorcycle boots ever. I quickly pulled them out of the box, unbuckled them and plunged my feet into them. I think I might have squealed. But only a little.

Sidi Crossfire TA Boot - Fuzzygalore Girlie Motorcycle Blog Sidi Crossfire TA Boot - Fuzzygalore Girlie Motorcycle Blog Sidi Crossfire TA Boot - Fuzzygalore Girlie Motorcycle Blog

Safety First

What’s that? Did you just say that I’m superficial? That I just keep talking about the way they look? Pfft. Fine.

Yes, they’re really protective. As a matter of fact I believe they probably saved me from an ankle injury last weekend while I kept throwing myself down on the ground. They have fabulously expandable calves, a buckle system that you really only need to set up once, hinged bracing on the ankles, replaceable parts, armor for days that skyscrapers all the way up my shin, yadda yadda yadda…

What can I say? I’m a girl and I love shoes. Beautiful motorcycle boots are like nirvana for me. My new Sidi Crossfire boots are so sexy, I think I want to make out with them.

Wearing them to work with a dress… too much?


Rachael is the whimsical writer behind the 20+ year old Girlie Motorcycle Blog. As a freelance blogger, she is on a mission to inspire laughter, self-examination, curiosity, and human connection. Girlie Motorcycle Blog can be found on several Best Motorcycle Blog lists.

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15 Responses

  1. Stacy says:

    A pair of Daytona boots (Ladystars, Roadstars, etc) run $450+. But they’ll also last you 10 years. Say you get 2 years out of a $200 pair of lesser boots. The math works out in favor of the quality stuff in the long run.

  2. soth says:

    Having something of a footwear fetish myself, I can totally share your love of these boots. Not that I have the appropriate bike or anything, but I loved these boots so much, I almost ordered them myself!

    • Fuzzygalore says:

      @Soth – I feel you. If it were possible for me to ride any other bike with these boots on, i’d probably wear them all the time 😀 There is a vagueness of feeling in the toes and soles that you don’t get with a street boot. You don’t get the same sensitive feedback and clearly – less flex everywhere.

  3. Delly says:

    Awesome! Those are great!

    After my accident at the Nuburgring where my calf took the full force of a nudge from a MkII VW Golf I haven’t once undervalued the protection that proper motorcycle boots offer. I was wearing Alpinestars at the time of my accident, but being one with chunky legs I’ve always had difficulty getting boots to fit me, so when I wanted to replace the Alpinestars I wanted style, fit and above all the feeling that my pins were safe. I got the Sidi Vertigos.

    Like you with these I loved everything about them the vent system, the armour and most of all that little red windy mechanism on the back 🙂 I still gaze lovingly at them now, believe it or not.

  4. Crudmop says:

    I can say honestly that almost every type of gear I’ve purchased included at least one prior purchase of a cheap alternative which left me wanting. In the end, you save far more money and headache just diving in and buying the good stuff to begin with. Half-priced shit is still shit, just cheaper. You made the right call, those boots are the jam.

  5. GLantern says:

    Those are the most badass MX boots i have ever seen, awesome choice!

  6. RascalKing403 says:

    If you find something you love and works for you, i say get it. I have size 13 feet so its hard to find boots that fit and look good for me where i’m from. I have a huge noggin and i’m still looking for a helmet that i love.

  7. Tony Harrell says:

    The most expensive pair of boots are still cheaper than the least expensive ankle cast. Sidi is not a Chinese knockoff, they’re the real deal.

  8. JoeyMoto from the AOL Motorcycle Forums says:

    Buy once, cry once. 😉

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