Two of the Dirtiest Words in Motorcycling – Brand Loyalty

Two of the Dirtiest Words in Motorcycling – Brand Loyalty

Have you ever encountered someone who seemed to go out of their way to let you know that the motorcycle you choose to ride is …okay, but… whatever they have is obviously much better?

Triumph logo on the Tiger

Hate those guys.

8 Replies to “Two of the Dirtiest Words in Motorcycling – Brand Loyalty”

    1. Ssssshhhhhhh! Why i oughtta! 😆

      I’ll tell you, now that I’ve had the chance to sample so many different brands i can confidently say – they are all wonderful and terrible in their own way 🙂

  1. Those people are all assholes and only ride for the status symbol of saying they ride. Of course they probably don’t even ride do they? I bet they trailer their bikes to starbucks and port jeff. If you truly love riding you would appreciate all makes and models. But of course Ducati is the greatest motorcycle ever made!! 😀

  2. Yea (Yamaha) some people (Yamaha) won’t stop (Yamaha) telling how (Yamaha) much better (Yamaha) their bikes are (Yamaha)I know what you (Yamaha) mean 😉

  3. I am quite loyal to Triumph, but even more loyal to my dealer, Ed’s. My wife got her Yamaha from him long ago. I don’t think I put other motorcycles down because of their make. I will put their owners down for various reasons like loud pipes, stupid plastic bowl lids, etc.

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