Finding Your Way: America’s Byways – National Scenic Byways Online

Planning a riding trip from afar has it’s challenges. Without local knowledge of a place you can only estimate what a place will be like. The internet really helps to make the universe a little smaller with blog posts, websites and photos from all over the globe.

America's Byways

While looking for information on Ebbetts Pass in California, Google steered me to America’s Byways – National Scenic Byways Online, a site I have used before.

Some California Scenic Byways listed on the site:

The website itself doesn’t tout the roads as being “great motorcycle roads”. But it does give you some indication that the roads will be, you know… scenic.

America’s Byways are designated for at least one of these intrinsic qualities: archaeological, cultural, historic, natural, recreational, and scenic. Each invites you to “Come Closer” and drive, ride, climb, hike, and learn on America’s Byways.
-America’s Byways FAQ

As with all of your travel plans, you should double check on a map that these are the types of roads you are looking for. But, in California where the beautiful scenery and the great motorcycle roads are limitless – how can I go wrong picking a few gems off of their list?

TIP: will send you a free paper map of with the routes highlighted on it. I just noticed that my map is postmarked as March 2000. I guess maybe I should think about getting an updated version!

How About You?

Have you had good luck using


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6 Responses

  1. You might want to check out , which while it does not yet have as much coverage that has, it does have routes that are not officially-designatured roads and provides you with elevation, GPS directions, suggested side-trips, a full description, interactive maps, places of interests, and more.

    And recently, we’ve released our Road Trip Planner which would allow you to plan any trip. This allows you to quickly breakdown your trip into manageable days, export your trip to your GPS, and more! New features are constantly being added.

    Take a look — I’m sure you’ll like :).

  2. RichardM says:

    Great roads. I’ve gone over three of them and the Angeles Crest Hwy dozens of time. I’ve sure I’ve driven over them as well but the best memories were from the seat of my bicycle.

    I think I’ll be exploring that site since I hadn’t heard of it before.


    • Fuzzygalore says:

      Yea, they definitely are great. Taking them on a bicycle must’ve been beautiful but tough. I seem to remember Angeles Crest having a fairly good climb heading towards Newcombs Ranch.

      I hope you find something worthwhile on their site 🙂

  3. Warren says:

    Thanks Fuzzy, I’ll check those roads out for my tour next year.

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