California’s Greatest Motorcycle Roads - California Motorcycle RoadsIf you are sitting at a desk far, far away and trying to plan a motorcycle trip through California – (pronounced: passionate) MUST be one of the websites that you consult.

The brainchild of Tim Mayhew, it is a collection of the greatest California motorcycle roads, maps, photos and articles organized by geographic area.

The cost for access to this beautiful resource: $20 per year.

Now, I know some people may say “I can find all of that for free by scouring around ADV, blah blah blah…” and they may be right. But it would probably take 10 times longer and be 10 times the leg work. Clicking pins on a visual map? Easy-peasy. Consider it $20 well spent in time-saving.

Plus, you’d be helping a small, independent motorcycle business.

There are free sample articles available on the website so that you can get a feel for what is awaiting you on the website:

Within each article there are are links to other nearby roads, satellite maps, more photos and of course the click-able interactive map – making it easy to string together a great route.

Two Fuzzy Thumbs Up.

How About You?

Have you used this website to plan a trip around California?


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  1. Arc says:

    Me has a feeling you’re going south for your trip fuzzo. Make sure you go over that famous bridge in “Then came Bronson”

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