Fabulous Celebrity Alert! Interviewed at RideADV.com

Fabulous Celebrity Alert! Interviewed at RideADV.com

RideADV.comI have somehow managed to find two seconds to write this post in my downtime between jet setting and canoodling. Being a fabulous celebrity moto-blogger is quite time consuming, you know.
::bored sigh::

😆 Yea, right!

I was tickled pink to be interviewed by the sexy people at RideADV.com. I met Eric, their founder at an AltRider event in Pennsylvania in 2011. Little did I know that he would be my ticket to fame and fortune!

I would love it if you’d take a peek at the interview there and let me know what you think.

Ride Adventures is a motorcycle tour and rental company that can act as your tour operator, travel agent and/or travel advisor. Have you thought about taking a riding trip to a far away place like Peru, Columbia, Australia or even an adventure ride on the Trans-Wisconsin Trail? Ride Adventures knows how to turn your dream into reality.

Thanks bunches!

17 Replies to “Fabulous Celebrity Alert! Interviewed at RideADV.com”

  1. That was a wonderful interview and almost as enjoyable as visiting your blog. And it isn’t just the road side weirdness that you seem to find.

    Wow, you’re famous…

  2. Rachael: That was a fabulous interview. I love your blog. As you know, I share your posts sometimes. My husband and I follow Erick’s posts on Google Plus. He posts some fun & interesting stuff too. Thank you for sharing your interview. And Paul Jr, really? As Erick asked… LOL I loved that show. I rarely get to watch it anymore though. I don’t even know if it still airs or not except for the reruns on Netflix. Happy Friday, Fuzzy! =-)

  3. Great interview Fuzzy. You never cease to amaze with your down-to-earth yet ultra famous motorcycling blog goddess status……..I guess what future-guy is trying to say is…..You Rock Dude!!!! :). Have an awesome weekend.

    1. Yep, ultra-famous. 😆 Since you live in the future, will I become rich, too? 😉

      Thanks, Ant – for everything for all your support and good wishes. <3

  4. Great interview with a fascinating girl! Credit for the line of questioning should go to Christine “The Machine” Ledezma, who runs the always-entertaining posts seen on the RIDE Adventures Facebook page.

    1. 🙂 Thanks, Eric 🙂

      Christine is AWESOME! I look forward to seeing what she posts each day. It’s like a little ray of sunshine in the corporate dungeon.

  5. An honest to goodness STAR!!! That’s what you are. Loved reading the interview….I love your quote about if you can eat it in one sitting, you can drive over it. So true!!! 🙂

  6. Wow, yep, that was awesome. Great stories. Made me like you even more! Now I think we need FuzzyG shirts….just sayin’, I’d buy one. 🙂

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