Easter Sunday Around Our House

Easter Sunday Around Our House

This morning I was awakened by a sound that has become all too familiar; the sound of a robin flying into the window over and over and over. It’s been 3 years in a row that the robin has been decorating my car with Jackson Pollock-like deposits and flying into EVERY window on the house. I would be lying if I said I didn’t hate the bird with a passion.

Foggy Easter Morning

In a way, I suppose I have to hand it to that jerk of a bird. It got me up to see an eerily foggy morning. When the sun started to come up tucked behind the clouds, the flowers on the trees around my yard had a kind of luminescent quality about them.

Being Easter, our family would be hanging around the house for most of the day with my parents who were visiting.

I adore my parents. Any of the silliness that pulses through my veins is a direct result of being spawned by these two people who have always marched to their own drummer. They are kooks in the best possible way and I love them for it.

My mother is straight up awesome.  She doesn’t judge – she just loves and does so without question. This aspect of her personality could be the only explanation for why this showed up at our house today.

Mystery Baked Thing

Yea. I don’t know what it is either.

My dad, whom I inherited my love of motorcycles from was only too proud to spend time watching Chloe, our families’ third generation motorcyclist, riding around the yard on her KLX. It must be pretty neat to know that you are responsible for lighting that fire.

My Dad - 1950s

Later in the afternoon, Kenny, Chloe and I hit the road for a little ride around some of the local sandy lanes to look at spring flowers in bloom.

We’ve always tried to teach Chloe respect for motorcycles and for dressing properly when riding them. She did my heart proud today when questioning someone as to why they weren’t wearing proper riding pants. ::beams::

Chloes Bunny Sticker

If you celebrate Easter, I hope your holiday was an enjoyable one. If today was just another Sunday for you – the hope is the same.

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