A Foggy Virginia Morning with Cows

A Foggy Virginia Morning with Cows

While life unfolded around me – school buses came, people went to work, cows took a morning dip – I just stood. I stood looking at the hills rolling away into the fog.

At first, I thought that maybe I stood there doing nothing. But nothing is far from the truth. I stood watching, knowing, bearing witness to everything before me.

At first glance, some things don’t show their true selves. It is only through continued observation and patience that they make themselves known.

Sometimes all you need to do is change your perspective to see beautiful things. But first and foremost, you have to want to.

8 Replies to “A Foggy Virginia Morning with Cows”

  1. Well put. I’m one who likes looking at things big and small. And I often stop to smell flowers, literally. I can’t imagine NOT doing those things, but people are different, y’ know?

    1. Well, considering there is an Airhawk.. it really is! Even before knocking out 100 miles I get an ache in my tailbone. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it from a motorcycle seat before. The seat is awful. Airhawk helps 🙂

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