Great Roads: Kick-Ass Mountain Passes From Our Euro Trip

In September of 2010, Kenny and I met up with our friend Patrick in Italy and spent a little over a week riding around in the mountains. Our travels took us to Italy, Switzerland, the teeny-weeny country of Liechtenstein, and Austria. The trip was, in a word – monumental.

Even though months have passed, I still find myself reliving fragments of the trip in my imagination. The Alps are a motorcyclist’s paradise.

Though it was difficult to will yourself to stop riding, we did manage to snap a few photos of some beautiful roads along the way.

(Click all photos to enlarge)

Stelvio Pass – Italy

Looking down at the Stelvio Pass

Fluela Pass – Switzerland

Fluelapass Switzerland

Julierpass – Switzerland

Julierpass Switzerland

Splugenpass – Italy/Switzerland


San Bernardino Pass – Switzerland

San Bernardino Pass Switzerland

Nufenen Pass – Switzerland

Nufenen Pass

Grimselpass – Switzerland

Grimselpass Switzerland

In Case You Missed It

Here are some posts from that trip:

How About You?

Have you traveled any of these roads? Which were your favorites? Are they on your bucket list for someday?


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8 Responses

  1. Shybiker says:

    These adventures warrant multiple viewings. I enjoy them every time because they let us live vicariously through you. And the pictures are to die for.

    Certainly on the bucket list. Just need to live a long time!

  2. George F says:

    Beautiful roads, Stelvio and northern Italy are definitely on my bucket list, thanks for the photos ans the links, now to find the time to read them 😉

  3. ToadMama says:

    Sigh. Gorgeous pics. I love Rosti, too! I so want to go back there. I can’t wait to get the new bike to the WV place to see if the roads are as much fun on it as they were in Austria et al.

  4. Kari says:

    Wow, Stunning scenery! And stunning road! Weeee!

  5. GLantern says:

    They are all on my bucket list…..I hope one day to just disappear for a month or more in that area and ride around. Every time I see those pics it amazes me, I think motorcyclists actually built those roads.

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