Superficial Friday: Icon Alliance Krazy Klown Helmet

Superficial Friday: Icon Alliance Krazy Klown Helmet


This post contains clown content. Those with weak constitutions may want to avert their eyes.

Icon Alliance Krazy Klown Helmet

It’s just about time for me to replace my beloved Shark helmet. In the course of looking around at my favorite online retailers, I happened to notice the Icon Alliance Krazy Klown helmet.

Admittedly, my aesthetic taste has at times been considered ummmm…. questionable, but I will not be buying the Krazy Klown. That doesn’t mean that some part of me doesn’t love it’s absurdity!

I would, no doubt, accidentally break those circus tent fins off within 48 hours of ownership. And then of course there is the little matter of the clown creeping down the hallway at night and eating my face off while I’m sleeping.

So, What Do You Say?

Do you love it? Hate it? Is it the stuff the nightmares are made of?

8 Replies to “Superficial Friday: Icon Alliance Krazy Klown Helmet”

  1. Since the clown is easting the Icon symbol on the back he get’s a +1 in my book. I think you are safe as he only has tastes for squids.

  2. Wow. I’m all for absurdity, having fun with stuff, etc., but that one is just a bit over the top. Clowns don’t give me nightmares (did you read “It” by Stephen King), but seeing someone in that helmet might!

  3. Dirty little secret: against my better judgment, I purchased an Icon helmet this year. Gear snob that I am, I used to only wear the top shelf stuff from companies like Dainese, Rev’it and Alpinstars. The same can be said for helmets.

    So why the Icon purchase? Curiosity I suppose. I plan on posting a review of the helmet soon enough and you rest easy knowing that the helmet I bought doesn’t have any clowns on it. Now that spring is just about here on the east coast, I’ve noticed that many a biker boy around these parts are sporting Icon helmets with those ear things. Laughable? Indeed. But it’s better than a half helmet right?

  4. I have this helmet. I’ve been riding for 25 years and I’m no squid! If you’re looking for something to wear to get a lot of questions asked then wear this’s awesome. Icon make great helmets.

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