We’ve Pretty Much Got Gloves Covered Around Here

We’ve Pretty Much Got Gloves Covered Around Here

Don’t you think?

I had no idea we actually had this many pairs (19). I think they’re making babies in the closet.

Have you found yourself with gear that seems to multiply on it’s own?

Fuzzmop Glove Collection

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11 Replies to “We’ve Pretty Much Got Gloves Covered Around Here”

  1. I would hate to get out all our gloves. Seems like every time we go to a motorcycle shop, my sweet husband has to buy another pair. Just last week he bought a new pair of TourMaster. After we get almost home, he notices the thumb on one pair wasn’t quite right. Instead of taking them back, (about 50 miles) he said he would just wear them. You know where these gloves will be after he wears them one time. 🙂

  2. Holy moley, that is a plethora of gloves

    I think I have 4 pairs (2 summer and 2 winter), but only use 2, one summer and one winter. Soon one of the fairly new summer pairs is going to a newer riders home as she needs a good pair and the Rev’its will suit her fine.

    Hard to get rid of them if they fit well and you like them though.

  3. For the love of gloves..

    Wish I could find that many pair I like. Usually works out to be more like finding one great pair – which is immediately discontinued. =/

  4. I’m thrifty, but find I need a minimum of five pairs in varying weight to cover from hot Summer to frigid Winter. With three people you’re averaging six pairs per person. Not unreasonable.

  5. Got any Held gloves in there? If not, you’re missing out.

    (No affiliation in any way, except that they’re my absolute favorites.)

  6. Wow! Have to admit, I’ve only been biking 6 months, but already onto my third pair. Essentially going for warmer and warmer pairs to see me through the winter. Finally settled on some Gerbing’s heated gloves.
    Of course summer is approaching (allegedly, forecast snow this weekend in London!), so some new summer gloves will be on the cards…

  7. Three cold weather pairs and two warm weather pairs. My most recent are some really awesome kangaroo leather ones with kevlar stitching and sting ray as protection. I have access to a lot less motorcycle goodies since the ex and I split last year. Short an awesome riding partner too… But at least I’m set for gloves!

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