Spring Cleaning for the Speed Triple

Spring Cleaning for the Speed Triple

My ’05 Speed Triple goes in for it’s yearly once over tomorrow. I’ll be glad to have her routine maintenance all squared away.

My Triumph Speed Triple Pink Dragon Sticker

Lately I’ve been daydreaming about long weekends away, carving through the mountains on my Triple. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make that happen this summer. Free time is hard to come by but sometimes the planets align. Here to hope ::crosses fingers::

How About You?

What are you daydreaming about for this season?

10 Replies to “Spring Cleaning for the Speed Triple”

  1. I’m spending lots of time daydreaming and actually preparing for my month of May ride. I rode 350 miles yesterday to pick up new mesh pants, reflective vest and rain gear and to test a new AlaskaLeather seat cover. A great day!

  2. You, K & I. Riding. This season. I’ll show you some of favorites 🙂

    As far as daydreaming… lately while at work I’ve been daydreaming about going home and going to sleep.

    1. Yea, that sounds like a great idea 🙂

      Me too! I felt like hammered crap all week, last week. Just completely worn out. It was a tough one. I managed to get some sleep this weekend so I think i’m on the mend. Hope you’re feeling better this week, too!

  3. Thinking about big dirt rides, going to a 3 day track weekend and taking another trip down to the dragon and the surrounding areas with some friends.

    Lately though it has been a lot of dirt dreaming more then anything and how long till I get out of work so I can finish my homework and enjoy a weekend on 2 wheels!

  4. Same thing: long weekends full of riding. The only difference is I want to combine those journeys with visits to the many bloggers I’ve gotten to know online. Meeting them in person will deepen our friendships — and give me someone to eat dinner with. 🙂

  5. Long weekends of riding most definitely. I’m looking forward to taking the new bike places the old bike would only reluctantly go. Well, where the rider would only reluctantly take it. Mountainous dirt and gravel roads are just not that much fun on an 800-lb cruiser. Much less fording a stream! I, too, hope to get to meet some of those “people in my computer” in the flesh this year.

    1. I’m looking forward to virtually riding along with your new adventures. The excitiement of a good ride, even when you’re just following along in type and photo – can be quite contagious.

      Seems like meeting the people int he computer is a running theme!

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