Smile! Random Sunday Ride Photo

Smile! Random Sunday Ride Photo

This pretty much sums up my Sunday:

Smiley Bouy in Montauk

Here on Long Island it was a sunny, nearly spring day. Though the winds were blowing all day, the temperatures danced around the 50 degree mark.

I put the daylight savings to good use by floating around for 200 miles on the Speed Triple. It was one of those days that felt absolutely perfect.

How About You?

How was your Sunday? Did you get out for a ride, too?

22 Replies to “Smile! Random Sunday Ride Photo”

      1. I went down to Jones Beach to shoot video of me riding my bike in an empty parking lot. (I used a tripod.) I’m making a vlog for my blog. Because motorcycles are central to my life, I’m opening the video with that.

  1. Ya we got out and had a great ride Ashlee & Sorin on the ZZR and Lisa and I on the ST1300. We met up with Bill and Dena and took a nice ride to port. We saw Kenny & Chloe there too.

  2. Not the weekend, but I put new tires on Thursday, so I took that day and Friday for testing them :]
    Result: Dunlop’s roadsmart tires are great for curvy roads!
    I’ll take them to the San Bernardino and Grimsel pass this summer. Your post about your ride through there give me the inspiration.
    I am SO glad to live 2 hours away of them…

    1. Wow, Thierry – You are so incredibly lucky! I hope to make it to that part of the world again some day. Aside from the great riding – just the feel of the environment, the people – it was all so lovely.

      We missed our chance to ride the Furkka. Do that one for me, okay πŸ™‚

      1. I’ll do! And I’ll try my best to take a worthy video and pictures.
        And if you ever pass around here, and another rider is welcome, throw me a sign.
        I’d be happy to tag along for a few days.

        Ride safe, and have fun!

  3. I put another 450km on the V-Strom with a roadtrip on saturday/sunday. Was great (except for about 40 minutes of torrential rain).

    Even the ride to work today was more fun than usual…

  4. No riding yet! Still a wee bit cold. This morning’s temps are hovering around 10 degrees F! Yikes. And we had a bit more snow this past weekend. Hubby isn’t going to de-winterize the motorcycle just yet.

    I just believing that winter HAS to give way to spring soon here in Minnesota.

  5. Not Sunday,wellI actually did run the 1098 up and down the block in track gear to make sure nothing would fly off…., but Saturday we had a blast, wish you could have made it Fuzz. Hopefully next time!!

    1. Yea, from the video and the smile on Kenny’s face when he came home sounds like you guys all had a great time!

      The gravel pit looked pretty exciting πŸ™‚

      Your friend is really a gem for inviting everyone over. That was a pretty big deal and was really kind of him.

      1. The pit was a great time and Hal took the riding to a whole other level in there.

        I agree my buddy is a really good guy and he said you all are welcome anytime we go out riding. Or even if I just go out on my own for the day.

  6. I was spreading drywall mud and cleaning. It was a gorgeous, warm, sunny, day. My life right now is sad. But I almost have a new, finished kitchen. I guess there’s that…

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