Saturday Ride: Finding a Hidden Gem – Bamboo Forest

Saturday Ride: Finding a Hidden Gem – Bamboo Forest

After spending last Saturday night doing the Crotona Midnight Run on the giant behemoth that is the GS, the DRZ felt positively toy-like. Everything on my little black Suzuki just felt so… easy. From the pull on the levers, to leaning it up off it’s side stand, to feeling it’s weight balanced underneath me at a traffic light. Just so much more, me.

Bamboo forest and my DRZ

As I was riding along through sandy lanes on the North Shore, I spotted a bamboo patch that I’d never noticed before. Bamboo isn’t exactly indigenous to Long Island, so I pulled over to snap a quick photo with my phone. When I looked at the result in Hipstamatic, I couldn’t help but feel that the random film treatment made it look like summer in the photo. Wishful thinking.

Hidden Gems

I love tripping over hidden gems in my own back yard. Have you ever found something in your local travels and said “Wow, I can’t believe I never noticed that before?”

This Hipstamatic photo used the Chunky lens from the Mac & Milk Fashion FreePak with the Blanko Noir film from the Blanko Noir Hipstapak.

19 Replies to “Saturday Ride: Finding a Hidden Gem – Bamboo Forest”

  1. Great shot Fuzzy….is that still snow on the ground? Just seems so strange compared to over here with the 30+ degrees heat…!

    There are so many times when I wished I’d stopped for photos and instead I just keep riding and let cool stuff pass by. Maybe I need to organise the odd ride where it doesn’t matter how many times I stop….capturing some cool photos could be more important than enjoying the corners….:)

    1. Hi Anthony!
      Yes, we’ve still got some snow looming around. Luckily we had some good soaking rain on Friday to clean up some of the sand and salt and help the melt along. It’s been a long winter.

      I totally hear you – sometimes it’s hard to stop and take pictures. I go through that, too. When I;m riding with others the difficulty in stopping is compounded.

      I hope you will be sharing some of your finds on your blog if you do stop and smell the roses 🙂

    1. Thanks, E – Gad you like it!

      Where is that bamboo? What is it about a bamboo forest that is so appealing? There is just such a different quality about being in those woods.

      1. That small patch of bamboo is just outside the Stillwell Woods mountain bike trail network. The area straddles both Syosset and Huntington.

    1. There is supposed to be a bamboo forest on Stony Brook’s campus behind the west apartments. Take a peek back there one day.

      There is also a nice bamboo forest in the Frank Melville park behind the Setauket post office.

  2. Looks like I need to do some exploring then preferably of the Dual Sport variety! And the new look is nice great job. I like the highlights portion when you enter the site.

  3. That’s a cool find. Was there a house nearby that might have planted it some at some point?

    There is actally a township across the river from us that has an ordinance against planting bamboo due to its invasiveness. You wouldn’t think that it would be a problem in Pennsylvania, would you?!

  4. I usually don’t ever notice cool things cause I’m too focused on the road. Maybe I’ll slow down next time so I can relax my mind a bit and take in some scenery! 🙂

  5. I am very proud of you for creating a cool and easily navigable blog site of your motorcycle adventures…you are a very cool woman..keep riding and please stay safe!!…RIDE TO LIVE AND LIVE TO RIDE

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